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The effective, The fluffy and The Awsome!!!
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Default The effective, The fluffy and The Awsome!!!

I'm stuck between these choices.

Without listing what I want to try to achive, whats the best way to deal with this problem?

Do I take what I know will work well? Should I stick to fluffy as possible or do I just build what looks awsome. [spoiler](Executioner)[/spoiler]

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Default Re: The effective, The fluffy and The Awsome!!!

As long as the fluff don't stray too far from the core fluff of the IG you should not get an ineffective army.

Taking what you know will work can get boring and make your army pradictable. Mixing it up every now and again will keep your opponents off balance.

Expensive units like the Exectutioner, Demiolisher, Punisher can be a very effective and awesome units if used correctly. Sure a normal russ will bring about the same amount fire power at a much cheaper cost, but it won't have the psychological impact of the realy crazy awesome and overpriced units that will awestruck your opponent,; thereby, destracting him long enough for your other units to get their jobs done.

It's easy to make all three the elements you listed work together, if they aren't you are doing some thing wrong. I pretty much build my army unit by unit where some units are more fluffy, some are just there to be effective, and some are there to be plain AWESOME!

So, it's good to have awesome crazy units as long as you don't go overboard and stray too far from the IG fluff you won't get an ineffective army. Find a good blance and you will enjoy your army.
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Default Re: The effective, The fluffy and The Awsome!!!

You should be free to make your make your army as fluffy as possible and build the things you want.............


You should not let this greatly effect your tactics and your army's performance on the tabletop. You must keep it to a certain point that you don't go too far.
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Default Re: The effective, The fluffy and The Awsome!!!

its your army, your money and time and effort your investing... you decide ;D

i personally like a mix of fluff & effectiveness... i personally run a Cadian Force Recon company, airborne of course...
Worst thread ever!
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