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Vanquishers and Pask
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Default Vanquishers and Pask

Random bloke - "Hey bud, quick question. Why do you take that Vanquisher? You do realise they are utter *naughty word* and there are more effective tanks you can use?"

Let me elaborate. I love my Leman Russ Vanquisher, the model is absolutely gorgeous. However on the battlefield it has done nothing, nothing what so ever. The main reason I take the Vanquisher is to allow my Demolishers to blow large holes in the enemy infantry. Mine has only fired 5 shots, out of those shots it has scored 2 hits and failed to get anywhere near glancing a target. It has missed with 90% of its shots. It's getting to the point where my opponents can leave the Vanquisher alone because it won't even hit.

Question: To be effective must a Leman Russ Vanquisher be upgraded with Pask? Taking Pask means you'll be hitting on 3's rather than 4's which would have meant the difference between a hit and a miss in most of those games.

Hows anyone had any success with the Vanquisher?

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Default Re: Vanquishers and Pask

Personnally i think that taking Pask in a vanquisher is worthwhile if just a tiny bit overkill,
It does increase your chance of hitting so that your hitting *in theory* four out of six turns (unless your destroyed) and with his special rules for targetting vehicles it also means that you have a strength nine (including his +1 for penetration against vehicles) weapon that rolls two D6 at any distance. This means you should be penetrating almost any armour that anyone can bring (with the exception of monoliths).
The problem i faced when i used a vanquisher was that it did keep missing (and i forgot to deploy it : ) this left me relying on demolishers to take out the land raider full of space marines heading straight for me, and once there within 24" your in danger close assualt range (stupid assualt ramps), the niche if the vanquisher i find is often as the hull-down sniper (as its described in imperial armour (don't quote me on that though)) with camo netting and poking its gun through some ruins it excels as return fire is never quite enough and is often drawing entire squads away from shooting other elements of your guard.
If your opponents list relies on vehicles then the vanquisher is quite often a priority for their shooting, if you can draw on this against armies where the heavy weapons are often in squads then you can waste the entire squads shooting as they hope for the one lucky hit with a missile launcher. Of course with a demolisher down their throat they may find it harder to prioritise.
You do seem to be unlucky with it though, it should be hitting half of the times it fires and it shouldn't really have any armour penetration issues, although you can guarantee that when you do hit you'll roll two 1's (roll to penetrate when you don't hit, its funny to see what you would have got).
Thats it

Originally Posted by Piedmon
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Default Re: Vanquishers and Pask

Most competitive IG lists use Medusas and Manticores as an anti tank...tank. The high strength and choosing the higher D6 for armor penetration makes them great against any vehicle, they are more accurate than a BS3 vanquisher, and they have large blasts that makes them great at killing pretty much any thing on the table.

I feel that the vanquisher is too specialized and you might need Pask to make it effective, and after you add Pask the tank is starting to cost a whole lot for what it can do. If it doesn't have any heavy armor to shoot at the Vanquisher is pretty much a point sink.

If you want to field one you have to really try hard to make it work out for you. It's a support russ, and should be lurking around the back field supporting other units.

For Apocalypse I'd field a vanquisher any day because it will be very useful in killing super heavy vehicles and it has great range for bigger tables. In normal 40k games it's range isn't that useful.
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Default Re: Vanquishers and Pask

Currently i'm running to standard russes and a medusa. The medusa can do one of two things. Blow up squads or pop tanks. Granted it doesn't have indirect fire. But if you give it bastion breacher shells then you have something like 2D6 amour pen... Very nice. Sure if you miss its a bummer, but if you place it right, you might scatter or get a glancing. Then you could give it a hull las cannon as well. Extra anti tank should you need it.

Hope i helped.
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