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Guard emotions
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Default Guard emotions

Well I was thinking to myself how much of a big bad world the 40k universe is and I was just thinking to myself. Are Imperial Gaurdsmen allowed to cry infront of an officer or commissar?

Even if they aren't fighting (lets say both sides have had some sort of a cease fire to try and chill for the night and the stress becomes too much for gaurdsmen).
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Default Re: Gaurd emotions

I would guess the closest equivalent to Guard emotions would be like vietnam soldiers... yeah they smoke pot to deal with it etc, have nervous breakdowns, moments of weakness... but kinda nobody talks about it. I imagine being in the Imperial Guard is kind of like a state of shock or boredom fluctuating like a roller coaster ride.
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Default Re: Gaurd emotions

Mmmm I'd imagine even infront of a commissar a Gaurdsman can breakdown and cry his eyes out (especially if the commissar shot his brother or sister or something). Because he's not retreating or anything and he's just letting a pain of his shoulders (and when thats off that only makes him a better soldier) so i think the commissar would turn a blind eye to that.

Mmmm who knows if they take drugs, I think they're to busy dying and contemplating to ry and roll up some weed and smoke it :P
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Default Re: Gaurd emotions

Well lho-sticks are just about everywhere, so I reckon Guardsmen would have plenty of those on them to calm nerves & smother despair.
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Default Re: Gaurd emotions

I suspect a Guardsmen is permitted to have a nervous breakdown in the corner somewhere, so long as it doesn't interfere with the actual waging of war.
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Default Re: Gaurd emotions

There would be variations between the different types of Imperial worlds, but I would imagine most guardsmen would be like Soviet conscripts in World War 2. Imperial citizens are brainwashed from birth and ruled by terror. They probably would have developed coping mechanisms by the time they are recruited, but I imagine that any guardsman who openly displays emotional weakness would be considered to be a failure and face punishment or ostracism.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Gaurd emotions

You have to remember that Guardsmen are men. They are not supermen, like the marines. They are as fallible, mentally and physically, as any soldier you meet today. Disciplined, trained, advanced, but above all, human.

The only thing they have is a religous edge. But as many books have shown us, they put their faith in the Emperor when they are taking cover rather than wishing for invcibility whilst charging headlong into gunfire.
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Default Re: Guard emotions

Depends entirely on the regiment. The culture they are coming from, who was assigned as Commissar, and the personal views of the officers. Some regiments are likely to be very open and understanding about it, with the Commissar acting as a councilor. Some are simply going to shoot you in the head at the first sign of weakness. It is basically up to you when you are designing a regiment.
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Default Re: Guard emotions

You guys aren't approaching this from the guard standpoint. Crying leads to dehydration, which leads to a soldier being thirsty. That thirsty solder would need more water; therefore, it's a burden on the regiment. The solder would be reprimanded for water wastage!

From a commiserate standpoint a crying guardsman will lower the morale of his fellow guardsmen. The best solution in such circumstances would be to make an example of what happens to "weak" guardsmen. The commissar can't just ignore it. He could be asked to report to the confessors if it's not during combat, or he would receive a bolt pistol round to the face if the solder broke down during a critical situation. It would serve as a good example to the rest of the guardsmen, and motivate them. Commissars just love crying guardsmen, it's easy to identify them, and it gives the commissar some thing to do.
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Default Re: Guard emotions

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Hey man, that's a trademark, you have to be careful when using that. GW will sue your ass off. ;D

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