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Airborne Armies + A couple other questions
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Default Airborne Armies + A couple other questions

I'm about to start a 40k army in the next couple months. I'm planning on tyranids, but if I dislike the 5e codex, I'm doing an imperial guard army (reflavored for chaos).

-First of all, I'm planning an airborne army. I want everyone or nearly everyone in a valkerie or vendetta. Is this a viable option, or would an army like this be destroyed?

-I'm planning on only taking veteran squads. Does this generally work well? Also, is a melee oriented veteran squad a waste because they don't get to use their bs4?

-Are missile launchers effective weapons? I mean, I understand the theory behind them: Modest anti armor, decent anti infantry, an all purpose weapon- but does it really work?
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Default Re: Airborne Armies + A couple other questions

Imperial Guard Mechanized/Airborne Armies are better complement with Veteran Squads as most of your cost will be going to your vehicles and you wanna dish out as much firepower as you can per squad e.g. 3 Special Weapons from 1 Veteran Squad.

Valkyries/Vendettas are one of those Always Strike First units. You can outflank them thus you will be the one that's hitting them first and hitting very hard. 3 Lascannon shots from a single Vendetta can be quite devastating and not to mention what your Veterans will be carrying.

Btw, Veterans are NOT melee-orientated. They're just like Infantry Squads but you can deck them out with more toys. In the Guard, you don't stupidly charge into the enemy. You shoot them to death. Melee is not the IG's cup of tea.

You need Heavy Weapons in an Airborne Army because you will be constantly on the move. Get your Veterans properly equipped e.g. 3 Special Weapons and maybe Carapace Armor and your Valkyries/Vendettas properly fitted e.g. Valkyries with Multi-Laser, Multiple Rocket Pods and 2 Heavy Bolters.
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Default Re: Airborne Armies + A couple other questions

Please, for the love of the Emporer, don't call an Air Cavalary an "Airborne" army!

Airborne drop behind enemy lines and outflank. They don't drop into the middle of a combat. Valkyrie-riding Guard would be "Air Cavalry."

</rant off>

Zenai is right, avoid Melee with IG unless using Ogryns (or meleeing other IG-like guys).

In my experience, transports eat up a lot of valuable points - a single Veteran squad in a Valkyrie, without any upgrades, will cost almost as much as an Infantry Platoon w/ Platoon Command and 3x Infantry Squads. You're trading 35 wounds and 35 hitting lasgun shots, for 10 wounds and 13 hitting lasgun shots in AV12 armor (which will drop faster than a Rhino, because Valkyries are fire magnets).

To be successful with Valkyries you need to get your units deployed from them as quickly as possible, and you need to overwhelm your opponent. Due to their cost, the number of units you can take overall is reduced. Due to the squadron rules, you can only focus them on 3 areas of the board at a time. Each Fast Attack choice of 3 Valkyries or Vendettas must stay in coherency, fire at same target, etc.

Also consider using Creed, Harker, Al'Rahem to let you outflank some more non-mechanized guys (Harker for Veterans, Al'Rahem for a platoon, Creed for any one unit).

I play a mechanized platoon army, and until recently played all mech - every unit had a transport available. CCS in Chimera, 2x Platoons of PCS+2 Inf Squads all in Chimera, 2x 2 Scout Sentinel squadrons, 2 LRBT sqaudron, 1 Executioner, 2 Basilisk squadron. I dropped the Executioner and Valkyrie in favor of adding 3 more non-mech infantry squads, some deep striking meltagun stormtroopers, and a couple weapon upgrades, and it added a nice kick to the army. Combined squads can be cheap and intimidating, and absorb firepower (especially if kept mostly in cover).

I like Missile Launchers. Better against infantry than an AC/HB, decent against light-medium armor (not quite as good as the AC due to the Heavy 1). No hope against heavy armor, but then only the Lascannon does, and even that's slim.
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