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How do I make a Blood Pact army with the new IG codex?
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Default How do I make a Blood Pact army with the new IG codex?

I am always fascinated by the Blood Pact ever since I came to know about their existence in the old GW website. But now with the new IG codex around, I kinda tried to make it fit to the idea of the blood pact I had in mind but unfortunately for me, I am highly alien to the concept of the Blood Pact other than the fact that they have red armour and are somewhat comparable in skill to veterans and/or Storm Troopers of the Imperial Guard.

Is there anything that marks them out from the usual IG army in anyway whatsoever?
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Default Re: How do I make a Blood Pact army with the new IG codex?

Well they're Khornate so I'd say "higher than usual close combat prowess." So I'd probably include a lot of Penal Legionnaires as they're more CC orientated than most Guard troops.
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Default Re: How do I make a Blood Pact army with the new IG codex?

Stalker Tanks; Use the Chaos Space Marine's Defiler model while using Leman Russ stats

Blood Pact Infantry; not to say they're CC-orientated but rather have a close firefights then get stuck in. Infantry Platoons can represent them quite alright. Slot in a Commissar as well to represent their...I dunno...Slavers? Forgot what they were called.

Straken can give you a dependable CC HQ while boosting their CC potential of those around him.
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Default Re: How do I make a Blood Pact army with the new IG codex?

I would say the russ is a bit to heavy for a stalk tank. Armoured sentinels with plasmacannons are basically the perfect candidate thoguh as most of them are descriped as being walkers armed with rapid fire plasma weapons, which could have a game effect similar to a blast template. A russ with no sponsons would be an ideal choice for their battle tanks though I forget the designation now. Chimeras would translate well to their half track unit.

As far as infantry, you wouldn't have to change much. their infantry are pretty much identical to normal guard units, the only real difference is they have their suicide assault squad brigades, which as Zenny pointed out, are basically perfect as Penal Legionaires. Ogryn's would fit well into their theme, but actual stormtroopers I think are a little to well equipped to be Blood Pact. Despite being Khornate, they do use psykers for a lot, so consider the use of battle squads. A commissar or HQ command would be the best HQ choices. Numerous use of Commissars thorughout your infantry squads would be a decent idea as well. They're famous for disciplitarian leadership, and a commissar fits the bill. For theme, avoid many of the rare Russes. Blood pact are described as having armour below Leman Russ quality, so anyhting fancier than the basic russ is likely out of their realm of weaponry to have available. Hellhounds have some potential but not alot. Absolutely no Valkyries. Rough Ridres are likely not going to be in their arsenal.
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