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"Send in the Next Wave!"-"To where, sir?"
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Default "Send in the Next Wave!"-"To where, sir?"

Concerning "Send in the Next Wave", if a unit of Conscripts is removed from play, do they have to (or only allowed to) come in from the player's table edge? In an Apoc game I was watching recently, a Guard player tried killing off a large squad and bringing them back in using the Outflank strategic asset. Opposing side pointed out that they can only come in from the table edge.

After a little argument, it was settled that the Conscripts come in from the table edge. The player didn't expect that, and his Ld:5 Conscripts suffered from it. In the end, turned out to a good thing as they were just barely able to contest an objective and tie the game.

Other scenarios could exist, where there is no defined player's table edge, but reserves have to come in some how. I was also thinking about Planet Strike (the rulebook I don't have). For this particular sub-category of the rules in question, someone pointed out that this would simply be unfair, however it does explain how Chenkov wouldn't simply be able to simply bring in another wave in some missions. Example, in a "last stand" type mission when all the forces are deployed in the center, reasonably speaking, there's no way Chenkov could "send in the next way". This is important to me as I do play IG every now and then and might be considering getting an official army.
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Default Re: "Send in the Next Wave!"-"To where, sir?"

All normal scenarios have a board edge designated to each player - even Planetstrike. In the case of the defender for Planetstrike, you in fact use every board edge, rolling to see which the unit arrives from.

Where you are playing a non-standard scenario, these issues should be brought up in advance... and you should simply ban units / armies that abuse the scenario (by favourite choice there would be banning "off board" armies as the defender in a Last Stand).
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: "Send in the Next Wave!"-"To where, sir?"

Codex says Must come on from players own edge.
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