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Did the Vostroyans ever get meltaguns?
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Default Did the Vostroyans ever get meltaguns?

Did GW ever make Vostroyans with meltaguns? I am building a list with Vostroyans but, lo, no meltaguns!!?? How can you build an army without meltaguns? I have thought about doing mods, but with metal arms, I just dont know....
Any thoughts? Thx
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Default Re: Did the Vostroyans ever get meltaguns?

Well they had their own rules(IIRC) in the Cities of death rulebook and they weren't to keen on Anti-Tank weaponry in a CQC fight as enclosed streets(most where battles were fought) were just large enough for a squad(at least for my understanding) to not get comfy with each other, someone correct me if I am wrong.
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