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Punk'd out Guard
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Default Punk'd out Guard

I'm back from my little WH40k break and I've decided to make a small batch of Imperial Guard after the new realease of the codex.

After watching a little too much 'Rompa Stompa' I have decided to do a Punk themed band of Imperial Guard minus the Neo Nazi - Skin Head racist side of it, and maybe to the limit of 750pts, just as a store army something to show off and muck around with.

So I'm probably going with a cityfight scheme, leather jackets, jeans etc, and I will defiantly be going with Catachans as my representatives considering they have the mowhawks, badass outfits and last but not least Harker.

I'll be picking up the codex soon and going from there, I'll probably be doing a project log too.

If anyone has any ideas or tips your highly welcome to input.

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Default Re: Punk'd out Guard

Don't forget about the Necromunda Goliaths, They could make great Sargents or Heavy weapons teams. You can still find the plastics on ebay and the metal heavy weapons models are still on GW's site.

I use Orlocks as flack armored guard or as conscripts. ;D
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Default Re: Punk'd out Guard

Damn you beat me to the gaurd Meh ohwell, Yeah im doing a gaurd army too Full on Cadian Goodness, but taking it really slow getting the codex tomorrow

Back on topic however, Id suggest getting all the catachan special characters and slamming them into your army, even if not character than just have the models You want a tank or two?
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