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Quick Question on Vehicle upgrades
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Default Quick Question on Vehicle upgrades

hey just a quick question - camo netting for sentinels.

What does it actually do, the codex mentiones some hidden set up rules, which i am not familiar with. Can someone tell me what it does plz?
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Originally Posted by jhontauel
4 lightening claws LMAO. wouldn't the inquisition get involved?
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if your not going to change your ammo between battles then you deserve to be giving people rashes.
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Ah, that's a shame. It's kind of funny, because I'd imagine that running headfirst into a force field would pretty much ruin your initiative.
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Why not take over France? You could do it with a pistol, which in doing would make you the most armed man in the country.
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Default Re: Quick Question on Vehicle upgrades

The Codex you have (either this one or this one) is out-of-date and obsolete. The rules for Camo Netting in the current Codex make no reference to the also out-of-date Hidden Set Up rules and are very easy to understand.

I highly recommend purchasing the new Codex as soon as you can.


Also, I would like to point out that asking for rules and disregarding proper grammar and punctuation are both against the rules of the forum that you agreed to abide by when creating an account here. You're fairly new, so it shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't go repeating it
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Default Re: Quick Question on Vehicle upgrades

Thespian, this was a perfectly legitiment question.

Zambia. Get hold of the new codex.
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