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Recon And Just Being Nosey
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Default Recon And Just Being Nosey

Hi Imperial Guard players, I have a few questions.


I'm trying to decide (For my 4th army) whether to go for Imperial Guard, Necron or Eldar. I currently play Tau (First), Chaos SM, and Space Marines (Not SMurfs)

I'm would be playing a Vostroyan Firstborn.

Just Being Nosey

What are the new Orders like? Have they turned the tide in any of your games?

Does an army have to include Ratling Snipers or Ogryns to be competitive?

Is it easy to tailor your army list to a single opponent? And can a take-on-all-comers list be made easily?

What are IG best at? Tanks Galore, Static Gunline, Forward Assault Offensive or Valkyrie Deep Strike.


and thats it

Zack ;D
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Default Re: Recon And Just Being Nosey

i play hybrid guard, lots of armour ( 3 russes 2 bassalisks 1 devil dog 1 chimera 2 vendettas ) but i also use lots of men ( 2 vets 50 regular ) so my army have a very fast element, tanks and static gun lines, i use both ogryns and ratlings, both can be great but nether are esential. i use my list agaist tau mainly and its very effective but i use the same list in all my games and it has just taken down a nidzilla army and endless swarm and decimated space marines. and the orders can make or break a battle, they can give the important boost when needed. so in ansewer to your questions

A) orders are great and really fun
B) ratlings and ogryns are not essential but are great fun
C) lists can be very easily tailored but can also be extreamly versatile
D) all of these tactics work very well and its down to individual playing style to work out how to do it best

hope this helps
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Default Re: Recon And Just Being Nosey

Field Marshal Ironballs pretty much summed it up.

IG is all about how your units in your army works together. Most units in the IG are strong, but with weaknesses that can me compensated for by other units. You can come up with a really solid "take on all comers" army list.

The people on WarSeer came up with a 120 page Tactica for the IG that is free for Download. I'd recommend it for any one that plays IG, or is thinking about playing IG, or wants to look at pictures of cool IG models.
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