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Guardsmen Marbo and D3
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Guardsmen Marbo and D3

So the Imperial guard got a new codex and now they have a variety of great new special characters, but Marbo (or Rambo) carries a an envenomed blade. this wounds on a +2, but nowhere does it say its AP value. what is its AP value?

Also, D3 means "dice 3" right? well is is pick the highest of the three or add all of the dice together?
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Default Re: Guardsmen Marbo and D3

A d3 is a 3-sided die. Since that isn't geometrically possible, roll a d6 (the normal kind) and divide by 2, rounding up.

CCWs don't have AP values.
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Default Re: Guardsmen Marbo and D3

Just to confirm what viorlashasui stated, the rules for a d3 are found on page 2 of the rulebook.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Guardsmen Marbo and D3

Sorry, I misspoke. I meant 3D6. OOPS.
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Default Re: Guardsmen Marbo and D3

Close combat weapons don't have an AP value. You simply roll to hit by comparing weapon skills like normal, then when checking to see if you wound you simply have to roll a 2 or higher. I don't believe poisoned weapons ignore armour saves.

3D6 means you simply roll three dice, then add the totals.
Occasionally, you may be asked to roll a specific amount of dice (usually two or three) and select the highest one. This is usually used when moving through difficult terrain, or when certain weapons attempt to penetrate armour. Check your rulebook for more info, it should answer all your questions.
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