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IG Tactics Discussion- Creed +1 Unit/Vehicle as scout
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Default IG Tactics Discussion- Creed +1 Unit/Vehicle as scout

So here's a prompt for discussion. You have Creed as a HQ choice and you had to pick one unit to have the scout special rule, which unit will you pick, what will it do and the objective it will try to achieve.

I like the idea of having an Armored Sentinel with a lascannon outflanking. (Imagine the outflank reroll from the astropath). I'll hit the rear or at least side armor of a vehicle.

Maybe a Chimera with Straken or some Veterans (Depending on whether you want shooty or assualt).

By the Emperor! Imagine a Leman Russ ....

What's your idea?
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Default Re: IG Tactics Discussion- Creed +1 Unit/Vehicle as scout

My idea involves not wasting the extra 90 points Creed costs and buy more firepower.

Creed almost costs as much as a lascannon support squad... It's much rather have 3 lascannons than Creed.
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Default Re: IG Tactics Discussion- Creed +1 Unit/Vehicle as scout

Creed is completely awesome and offers a character second only to Eldrad in army support. Easily worth 90 points.

I tend to use a chimera with vets to screen/prep for arrival of a fast hell-hound variant. I use this often to upset flanks, deny, draw or headhunt with a heavy support option in support.
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