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Tank commisars?
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Default Tank commisars?

The question is in the title really, how do armoured divisions use commissars? Do they ride along in their own leman russes and such? Or are they not present at all? I would also like to know if they execute tank crews at all, and have training at driving and manning tanks

Thanks in advance

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tank commisars?

Commissar Yarrick has a baneblade, the Fortress of Arrogance.

Other than that, in the Ciaphas Cain novels, Cain rides along in chimeras and salamanders as needed.

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Default Re: Tank commisars?

You've read Gaunts Ghosts surely? =P Look at Vervunhive, the tank Commissar in there is basically what they are, they're like normal Tank Commanders in Armoured Regiments, except they have big vox-casters so they can shout their praises of the Emperor without clogging vox networks. As far as I know, tank crews aren't renowned for running away, but I always had the image of the Commissar being in a Vanquisher, and any tank that falters in its duty is thereby executed in the most explosive way possible. You have failed the Emperor. Epically.
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Default Re: Tank commisars?

In the old tank company rules, were there not rules for Commissar tanks? I'm really not sure where the old books are right now after the move or I'd look it up. So if anyone can help confirm this, please do.
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Default Re: Tank commisars?

It has never been made clear whether the "Commissar Tank" is just a part of the Squadron / Company / Regiment and the Commissar has 'hopped aboard', or whether it is his own tank to do with as he sees fit.

Personally, I feel the latter is a more sound concept; it allows the Commissar to actively support the line, as well as punish should it be required.
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Default Re: Tank commisars?

Hehe, i just imagined a commissar 'upgrading' his pistol for a missile launcher. that would make me laugh.... But in responce to the question, i would imagine a commissar would be asigned a tank in the armoured regiment and that would be his to do with as he wills.
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Default Re: Tank commisars?

well a commisar blowing up his own tanks just seems a little out of line. theres a clear difference between a 6 point guardsmen and a 150 point leman russ. i would say he would just inspire his troops, not taking shots at his own men.
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