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Rough riders - Laspistol OR CCwep?!
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Default Rough riders - Laspistol OR CCwep?!

I was flicking through my IG codex earlier and noticed something odd in the army list entry for rough riders...
Flak armour
Hunting lance
Laspistol or close-combat weapon
Frag grenades
Krak grenades

This makes rough riders even more one shot weapons because when they have used their lance they have only a laspistol left (who would take the ccw when the pistol counts as a ccw anyway) I think this needs FAQing, since it is probably a typo

@ Zenai: I rarely used hunting lances in old codex, just laspistol, ccw and meltabombs as tank hunters, this has totally been mesed up by the new codex (no meltabombs or option for them, obligatory lances)

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Default Re: Rough riders - Laspistol OR CCwep?!

Space Marine Bikers can choose between Bolt Pistol and CCW. Same thing here. You choose either one. If you ask me, just take the Laspistol.
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Default Re: Rough riders - Laspistol OR CCwep?!

Laspistol every time, as it gives you the option of a shot, as opposed to nothing at all. The rough riders are the same in CC with both options.
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