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Now, what to do?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Now, what to do?

I've just started planning out an IG force for myself since my Tau army is sadly coming to a close at a wonderful 2000 points, and I'm racking my poor brain to figure out how a 1000 Point Guard list should look. I'm debating Light Infantry over Deathworld/Jungle Fighters and I need some help! How should I balance a force that can not only hold it's own in Close Combat, but bring enough Weapons/Tanks to the table that devastate anything stupid enough to get close?
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Default Re: Now, what to do?

I'm afraid that guard should as a hard and fast rule, never get in CC, the only force that could possibly hold its own ther would be Catachans

they also have an up-to-date army list for 4th ed:

Light infantry really dont have many advantages as they are manouverable and only mechanised guard/catachans should be monouverable, guard should form a firing line, sit there and blast the opposing army half way to hell
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Default Re: Now, what to do?

Guardsmen arn't all that good at "holding their own" in combat against most armies, but there are a few options. *I'm not a Guard player, so this is just my experience and knowledge from around:

Orgyns - big Close Combat bruisers, but as Unique said, stay out as much as possible.
Warrior Weapons - not my personal taste
Sentinels - excellent at taking on light squads in combat, tank-killing firepower or horde-blaster depending on weaponry.
Armoured Fists - thats mobile for you.
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Default Re: Now, what to do?

well if your down to the choices of light infantry and jungle fighters..............
personally id choose jungle fighters (but thats cause im a catachan player)
If you could give me a list of things you wish to add these doctrines too i might be abvle to help you out more.

but as the guys said..... dont purposly send guard into combat... unless your squad is equpiped for it.
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Default Re: Now, what to do?

My army is light infantry and has quite the record. But as JD said it cannot be stressed enough to not purposely send your guard in close combat. But as a light infantry player if you posted the rest of your docs i could probably help.
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Default Re: Now, what to do?

Never fight the enemy on their terms. With this in mind, your army should contain a good mix of units, falling into three categories:

1) Units that stop assaults.
2) Units that counter-assault.
3) Units that blow the hell out of everyone.

First are the assault-stoppers. These units are designed to blow up transports, gun down assault troops, and generally die messily once the assault starts. Your best bet is to load up squads with Heavy Bolters and Missile Launchers, for infantry and transports respectively. Keep the squads cheap, and put them in front so they can take the brunt of the enemy assault.

Units that counter-assault are the guys your enemy hates. After all, my own Command Squad in the sample SIGAFH list can beat seven kinds of crap out of most opponents, and will break all but the toughest assault units.
Counter-assault squads should stay back and avoid enemy fire. If possible, keep them out of sight until it's time to crack skulls.

Finally, there are units that blow the hell out of everyone. Leman Russ, Hellhound, Griffon Mortar, Lascannon-toting squads and countless other units fall into this category. Their role is simple; blow stuff up. Enemy assault troops target them as a priority (especially once their own fire support is dead), so keep a meat-shield between them and the enemy.

Finally, remember the golden rule; play to your terms, not theirs. Do not let the enemy dictate the flow of battle. Keep them running from your guns and into even bigger ones, and victory will be yours.
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Default Re: Now, what to do?

If your completely set on combat, I would suggest a few of these units:

* Conscripts (cheap troops that can either swamp most enemies or at least bog them down for a few turns, effectively neutralising them for those turns - believe me I know how effective this can be... I've got a Khorne Lord that gives out up to 10 attacks (including charge bonus) a turn, and it takes him 3 turns to get through 20 Conscripts...
* Rough Riders - one of the best cc choices in the IG army (especially with hunting lances for counter-attack)
* Ogryns, already noted above
* Priests, re-rolling to hit dice are always handy for your combaty command units!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Now, what to do?

Thanks so much for all the insights guys, Looking through the codex for some time now I don't think an assault force would do me much good here, the guard's strength lie in numbers and oh so shiny heavy weapons, so i figure it would eb ebst to build on that. I've included my own List and I can only hope it works. crtitique all you want i'm ready for it!

Garbiellan IV’s “Stormscape Rangers”

Doctrines: Veterans, Light Infantry, Close Order Drill, Heavy Weapon Platoons, Sanctioned Psykers

Senior Officer Harrisway w/ Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Carapace Armor 66
2 Guardsmen w/ Sniper Rifle, Meltagun, 1 Veteran w/ Medipack, 26
Light Infantry 10

10 Guardsmen w/ Heavy Bolter, Plasma Rifle, 80
10 Guardsmen w/ Autocannon, Plasma Rifle, 85
Light Infantry 20
Junior Officer 40
2 Guardsmen w/ Mortar, 1 Veteran Medic, 1 Plasma Gun 31

10 Guardsmen w/ Lascannon, Plasma Gun, 95
10 Guardsmen w/ Missile Launcher 75
Light Infantry 20
Junior Officer 40
2 Guardsmen w/ Mortar, 1 Veteran Medic, 1 Plasma Gun 31

Hardened Veterans
3 w/ 2 Meltaguns, 1 Plasma Rifle 54
3 Veterans w/ Laspistol/CC Weapons 24
1 Veteran Sergeant w/ Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol 19

3 Armageddon pattern Sentinels 165

Basilisk w/ IDF

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Default Re: Now, what to do?

Firstoff, I like the name. Have you ever personnaly shot a 357? I have only shot 44's. Anyways, before I get booted, I come to suggest some tactics for your Basilisk.
1) If you are facing a force with specialist assault troops with low armour, the basilisk is the tank for you. It has an unheard of range of 240" when indirectly fired, and that comes to 20 feet! This is quite effective in backyard battles. Also, with this fun-fun range, you can shell your friend first turn without moving. This is good for for getting rid of all his choppy units. Usaully all that's left after a couple turns is his firepower. And we all know, Guard has to be the shootiest army around! But beware of Eldar and such, they will dodge your artillary and assault your line. Answer: Conscript meat-shields! If he gets brave and throws in some transports, equip a command section with two power fists; that should take care of that!
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Default Re: Now, what to do?

sorry, Magnum, but as Wargamer and I will both say, NO BASALISK, take a griffon heavy mortar carrier instead, when are you going to need 240" range???
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