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imperial navy
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Old 12 Jun 2005, 13:11   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default imperial navy

Hey everyone im new to 40k and i was thinking ok makeing an imperial navy with stormtroopers sone walkers and ships from the forgeworld line i war wondering if anyone has opinions on this and if will work ext.


P.S. If you have any pics of an imperial navy can you please send them to me. Thanks again

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Default Re: imperial navy

Flavour or fluffwize, it makes sence to have a rapid-deployment force with walkers and mechanized troops supported by aircraft.

Real-lifewize, I hope to god you have already been to University, cuz there is know way you'll be going if you want to spend on ForgeWorld aircraft. At 60 pounds or over 120 dollars for the cheap ones, it is far more economical to to get a $20-$30 kit of a realworld aircraft and convert it.
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Default Re: imperial navy

As for pics, a diorama of my Marauder Destroyer is here.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: imperial navy

yep and here are some more:
Aquila Lander: £85 or $154

Vulture Gunship: £65 or $117

Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter: £75 or$135

Valkyrie: £80 or $145

Lightining Strike: £65 or $117

Lightning: £55 or $99

Mauruader Bomber: £175 or $317

Mauruader Destryer: £175 or $317

hope this helps you
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Kroot Warrior
Join Date: Jun 2005
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Default Re: imperial navy

thanks every one and im going to do a Tau army first since its alot cheaper thanks

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Default Re: imperial navy

Originally Posted by tactica100
thanks every one and im going to do a Tau army first since its alot cheaper thanks

Good idea. I don't think i'm stupid enough to do a navy army.
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