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Sniper Rifle vs. Grenade Launcher
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Default Sniper Rifle vs. Grenade Launcher

...what is better? It got me wondering, since both cost the same points. The Sniper rifle has more range (kinda useless if the rest of your Guardsmen's Lasguns are then out of range anyway) and the ability to pin (happens rarely, as the target gets his save unless you roll a 6 and what's more...he has to fail his LD test) and the last benefit is that all targets get wounded on a 4+, while a grenade launcher struggles to wound most enemies on 5+.

But the grenade launcher's pros outweigh its cons:

1) It's also single shot, but no BS needed to fire - so your blast marker WILL land on the battlefield!
2) You have a 33% chance that your template doesn't scatter, meaning that you can successfully hit 4 models on average under the marker. Otherwise, just an average 4'' scatter.
3) Move and shoot...the grenade launcher is not a heavy weapon

So what would you rather take and more importantly, why?

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Default Re: Sniper Rifle vs. Grenade Launcher

Hmm...I'm actually having the same debate with myself as I make my list, so this thread is very interesting.

I'd say that pinning with sniper rifles would just be an added bonus, and you shouldn't depend on its ability to pin.

In my opinion, both weapons are actually better in a group (but really, this can be applied to all special and heavy weapons). Four grenade launchers in a command squad can really lay down the hurt with the new multiple template rules, while multiple sniper rifles can hurt anything really.

However, for infantry squads, I will probably stick with grenade launchers. Shooting the sniper rifle at targets out of lasgun range just wastes lasgun shots, while the grenade launcher shares the range of a lasgun. Focusing firepower has always been key to the IG.

Interested to hear what everyone else has to say.
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Default Re: Sniper Rifle vs. Grenade Launcher

I wonder how much the rending rule of the sniper rifle is going to affect its usefulness...of course in the end you can just pay 10 more poins and go with a solid rocketlauncher, but that'll still get very costly if you stack up on them^^
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Default Re: Sniper Rifle vs. Grenade Launcher

I can only cause up to limited amount of Wounds if I use a Sniper Rifle and I don't think Pinning is such a great thing to have or even Rending especially on a Heavy 1 weapon. If it was an Assault Cannon, then Rending would be worth it.

But Grenade Launchers cause a lot of wounds as it is a small blast template.

But IMHO, I like Flamers.; I can wound most Infantry on a 4+, I don't need BS to shoot it and most of my opponents are so cocky that they like to run up to my face.
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Default Re: Sniper Rifle vs. Grenade Launcher

In infantry squad the grenade launcher is a much better weapon. It works alongside the lasguns against similar targets: light and medium infantry. Sniper Rifles are best used against heavy infantry and monstrous creatures where you can swamp them with multiple hits and take away the advantage of their high toughness and save with rending. If you're going to use sniper rifles you're going to get your best mileage out of ratling and senior command squads. Veterans are another decent spot for them, but I think their larger squad size and transport options makes them more effective when they're armed with meltas.
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Old 05 Jun 2009, 02:59   #6 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Sniper Rifle vs. Grenade Launcher

I would run w/ the grenade launchers on this one. I need to move and shoot plus as Jordan said it works well alongside my lasguns and shotguns or what ever else I can find!
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Default Re: Sniper Rifle vs. Grenade Launcher

Some Love for the Humble Grenade Launcher

In a typical Guard squad, the Grenade Launcher is a 100% pick over a Sniper Rifle. Move/shoot, Frag/Krak shots...very flexible weapon. In my WIP Light Air Calvary my Guardsmen in the Valkyries are armed with the Humble Grenade Launcher as their choice, as 1 Meltagun won't do a heck of a lot and a Plasmagun is a terrible choice to put on a BS3 model for the points.

In my Company Command squad, I arm 3 of my veterans with Sniper Rifles because of their BS of 4 and my Command squad sitting still for most of the game.

I wish Sniper Rifles were like they once were back in 4th Edition...
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Old 05 Jun 2009, 05:52   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Sniper Rifle vs. Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launchers all the way. Just yesterday I played a game on vassal vs Tau, and a lot of people in the room were questioning my useage of GL's. I had one in each of my 4 infantry squads, and 2 in each of my platoon command squads. Once the game went underway and the player got his FW within range the GL's inflicted a lot of damage. The ability to keep them mobile, and target things the lasguns have a chance to damage is great. With FRFSRF you really can't ignore the lasgun anymore, and the GL assists the squad rather than taking it in another direction with sniper rifle.
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Old 05 Jun 2009, 08:43   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Sniper Rifle vs. Grenade Launcher

Exactly. I would take a GL over a sniper rifle any day in a normal squad for all the reasons above. They are great at clearing squads which are in the open and they provide some (very) light vehicle deterrant power. Sniper rifles on the other hand are great in numbers of 3 or more, when you can really cause the hurt on squads that just need clearing quickly. I played a game the other day for the first time with the new guard. (Foolishly i put a snoper on the command squad) but i was popping a terminator a turn with that guy, and if i can do the same with more guys... i would be happy (Plus he also blew up a dreadnaught!!) so i think he is mad larkin now. haha
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Default Re: Sniper Rifle vs. Grenade Launcher


I've sworn by the Grenade Launcher for awhile now. It is highly flexible, it fields well alongside both lasguns and missile launchers, and it is (as has been mentioned earlier) much underestimated. It is also a suprisingly accurate weapon for a BS3 model...
This last is a major consideration when comparing the Sniper Rifle to the Grenade launcher. BS 3 means that a Krak Grenade and a Sniper Rifle have the same odds of hitting a target, but against the vast majority of targets the S6 is far more useful. When fired as a Frag Round, the GL becomes several degrees more accurate than the Sniper Rifle so long as it is fired into infantry! The fact is that Infantry is usually Guard Infantry's primary target because the ubiquitous lasgun is good against nothing else.
With missile Launchers also having the variable setting, the ability to (potentially) drop a pair of blast Templates from every squad in your army is fantastic, with Krak rounds being reserved for targets of opportunity, when all of your anti-tank teams have done their work, and their is a lack of good infantry targets.

GL for the win Gentlemen!
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