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Infantryman's Uplifting Primer [Read Me First]
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Default Infantryman's Uplifting Primer [Read Me First]

[size=14pt]++ Important Topics ++[/size]

The following is a collection of useful threads, common questions, tactica’s, and links for your convenience to quickly learn or answer a question, rather than continually starting new threads on a subject. Please feel free to suggest largely useful threads, by sending a private message to Aunny.

Any problems, concerns or just questions in general about anything here in the TO Imperial Guard Board, please contact Aftercesent, Aunny, Generalissimo Stankov, or Ged of Paragon any time. We are here to make TO a better WH40K Community for everyone.

[size=12pt]General Information[/size]
(Click Here to Read) :: A First Look at the 5th Edition Imperial Guard Codex ::
(Click Here to Read) :: A Competitive Review of the 5th Edition Imperial Guard Codex ::
(Click Here to Read) :: Official 5th Edition Imperial Guard FAQ :: - From Games Workshop

(Click Here to Read) :: Zenai’s Guide to Stupid Guard Tricks ::
(Click Here to Read) :: Ballistic Theory - the Accuracy of Ordnance ::
(Click Here to Read) :: Some Love for the Humble Grenade Launcher ::
(Click Here to Read) :: How to Beat IG with Anything ::
(Click Here to Read) :: How Heavy Weapon Bases Work ::
(Click Here to Read) :: Ogryns - Are They Worth It? ::

(Click Here to Read) :: Magnetized Weapons (Swappable) Weapons on the Valkyrie ::
(Click Here to Read) :: Valkyrie to Vendetta Simple Conversion ::
(Click Here to Read) :: Sculpting Hoods on IG Heads ::
(Click Here to Read) :: Painting Heads and Flesh ::
(Click Here to Read) :: A Guide to 'Tabletop Quality' Painting ::

(Click Here to Read) :: 88th Elysian - 1750 Point Army Blog ::
(Click Here to Read) :: Starship Troopers (Elysian models) Showcase ::
(Click Here to Read) :: Cadian Regiment: 2021 WIP ::
(Click Here to Read) :: Imperial Guard Regiments of Tau Online ::

(Click Here to Read) :: The Imperial Guard A to Z ::

(Click Here to Read) :: GW Imperial Guard Homepage ::

[size=12pt]3rd &4th Edition Topics[/size]
(Click Here to Read) :: Tactica Imperium ::
(Click Here to Read) :: Reorganizing the IG Tactica ::
(Click Here to Read) :: Heroes of the Imperium ::
(Click Here to Read) :: Who's Your Commander? ::
(Click Here to Read) :: 4th Ed Tactica Articles ::
(Click Here to Read) :: 4th Ed Tactica Reorganization ::
(Click Here to Read) :: 5th Ed FAQ ::
(Click Here to Read) :: TO's FAQ Thread ::
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Default Re: Infantryman's Uplifting Primer [Read Me First]

[size=14pt]++ Imperial Guard Board Rules ++[/size]

Welcome to the Imperial Guard Message Board Before you start posting (or before you post again after reading this), make sure you have read the Tau Online Forum Rules. If you have not then you will be considered a Heretic and will be under the watchful eye of the Emperor.

:: Respect :: Be respectful to other members. Some may not have as much experience than others, or they may be confused and need answers.
Discussions are fine, but do not resort to direct attacks and flaming.

:: Moderator Action :: A Moderator's decision is final. If Aftercesent, Aunny, Generalissimo Stankov, Ged of Paragon, or any Global Mod or Admin decide to edit and/or delete your posts, or lock your topic, then it is their decision.
If you wish to dispute an action taken by a Moderator, please feel free to send a PM to the Moderator in question and/or other Site Staff.

:: Thread Necromancy :: Threads fade away on forum boards of activity. Do not post in a thread if the last post in it is more than three months old.
There are exceptions to this rule, for if your post is adding new information to the thread, it may be appropriate to raise it. Feel free to send a moderator a PM if you are unsure.

:: Use the Search :: There is a Search Function on the forums allowing members to search for topics of interest, but more importantly it allows users to check to see if the topic they are creating has been created before. Doing this would mean topics do not recur (which is not the case so far on the IG Board as the codex is new) so people don't waste their time repeating what has already been said. Furthermore it is extremely irritating to senior members here as we have posted regarding certain topics over and over and over, which is not enjoyable.
All members who are posting here to first check whether their topic has already been done.

:: Punctuation :: Proper punctuation is a must here on TO. It takes all of 2 seconds to add a period or a comma.
It makes you posts much easier to read, and you will be taken more seriously.

:: Spelling :: Use correct spelling. We have the spell-checker for a reason.
Take the time to use it.

:: Grammar :: Use correct grammar. Do not use "L33T" or "cHaT(lol)" speech as this makes you look very unprofessional.
This is not a chatroom.

:: Language :: Do not attempt to circumvent the swearing filter. Tau Online uses an optional vulgarity filter, which may be turned on and off in your profile. The site will censor words for you, but please do not interfere with this.
It’s better not to swear at all. Don’t swear.

:: “What Shall I get Next?” Threads :: Always provide a general idea of what kind of army you want to build before you ask for specifics. There appear to be many new members asking for help on what they should buy next, which is fine, except for the way people are going about them. To simply state what you have and ask for advice on what next isn't very helpful, so I ask that all of these threads also include a brief rundown of how they are going to play.
This can be done by stating “I want a Mechanized/Air Cavalry/Static Force.”

:: Army Lists :: All army list threads belong in the Imperial Guard Army Lists Child Board.
Please regard the rules there.

:: Member's Guard Armies :: All of TO member's WIP/Finished Guard Armies belong in the Project Logs Board. Once you have posted it there PM Aunny and it will be put up into this thread for all to view.
This keeps things neat and tidy here on TO. Everything in it's place.

:: Battle Reports :: Battle reports should be posted in the Battle Reports Board.
It may also be worthwhile to mention the number of points, the army you play and the army your opponent played in the title. Mentioning whether or not you included pictures will also ensure you get additional viewers.

[size=14pt]++ Most Important Rule ++[/size]

[size=12pt]:: Have Fun ::[/size] Seriously! Be friendly, share your opinions, give advice when you can, and just relax. After all, this is a enjoyable hobby for all.

[size=6pt]- Rule layout adopted from Khanaris[/size]
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