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Praetorian, who or what are they?
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Default Praetorian, who or what are they?

is a praetorian imperial guard army just the emporors protectors or something lexicannium doesn"t have any info on them.
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Default Re: Praetorian, who or what are they?

The Praetorian XXIV was a regiment custom created by the GW studio for the Battle of Big Toof River, the 1997 UK Games Day display table. Based around the historic events in Africa during the Anglo-Zulu war (most likely drawing significant parallels with the Battle of Isandlwana), the display depicted the destruction of an Imperial Guard regiment by a horde of savage Orks.

The Praetorian models themselves were customised from the Mordian Iron Guard models that had already been sold by Games Workshop for around 4 years by that point. They had new heads sculpted that wore pith helmets.

Fans of military history and fans of movies like Zulu repeatedly asked the studio to release these models as they were not for general release. Eventually, the studio relented and sold a limited number of 'Praetorian XXIV' boxes, which had the equivalent of approximately 1 Platoon Command Squad, 2 Infantry squads and 1 Heavy Weapons squad in it (as well as a set of 4 Praetorian casualties). Accompanying this was a White Dwarf article allowing you to refight the Battle of Glazer's Creek (aka the Battle of Orks Drift) which had a bunch of feral Orks assaulting a farmstead defended by the Praetorian XXIV (obviously based upon the defence of Rourke's Drift, as popularised by the movie Zulu)).

Later, GW released equivalents of every Mordian model but with a Praetorian head (and helmet) atop its shoulders, giving the Praetorians a significant model range (though the casualties remained only available in the initial limited box set release).

Recently, however, GW have stopped producing them, making them harder to come by. Only by purchasing them second hand will you find them for sale and their prices have been increasing since production ceased.

One question; how did you miss this article at Lexicanum?
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Default Re: Praetorian, who or what are they?

Back in ye olden days of Squats and Eldar that were more often than not allied with the Imperium, Praetoria was a hive-world known for its massive divide between rich and poor. Praetorian armies looked like extras out of Zulu, with the soldiers wearing redcoats and safari pith hats. Quite a smashing army really.
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Default Re: Praetorian, who or what are they?

As I recall they are also infamous as a force for being slaughtered in battle... though, I may be mistaken.
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Default Re: Praetorian, who or what are they?

Think Star Wars officers, Brits in Space!
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