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Bane Wolf or Devil Dog?
Old 31 May 2009, 13:34   #1 (permalink)
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Default Bane Wolf or Devil Dog?

So lads, which of these two babies are you more looking forward to? The Bane Wolf is slightly costlier, but the cost is justified: his main weapon counts as defensive, so you can give this fast vehicle a hunter-killer missile, move 12'' and fire both (although to not much effect, as each is intended for a different purpose) or just fire one.

Unlike the Hellhound, the Chem Cannon doesn't have range, so I'm guessing that the narrow end of the flamer template is placed at the mouth of the cannon? Makes it slightly limiting to use, unless you're two inches away from the enemy, but the concept of an AP3 flamer that wounds on a 2+ is too tasty to forget.

Anyways, moving on, the Devil Dog look very promising, as well. On first glance it may appear better than the Bane Wolf (because its gun is essentially a Multi-Melta, and thus excellent vs. tanks, but can dish out a lot of pain to infantry as well due to it being a blast weapon), but on second glance you'll realize that when the hole at the center of the blast marker scatters off a tank's hull, the strength is halved. Regardless, this tank has decent range, so it can stay away from potential enemy assaults at its back armor (in comparison to the Bane Wolf , which will suffer from this very much).

I'm tied - I think both tanks have their uses. What do you think?

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Default Re: Bane Wolf or Devil Dog?

They both have their uses in my opinion.

I can see the Bane Wolf cropping up in a load of armies as soon as people realise that the Cham Cannon is a Defensive weapon and can be combined with the free Heavy Bolter upgrade to a Heavy Flamer; chucking out two template weapons, one of which kills pretty much anything on a 2+, will decimate units. The only real issue is range so you'll need to be cagey about how you use it.

On the other hand, the Devil Dog is a nice tank. I think its best use will be to shoot at Deep Striking Terminators rather than tanks as there is a good chance of scatter. Also, I feel that having a long range Blast weapon, with the strength and AP to take down almost anything, means that it'll be used less as a tank killer and more as a heavy infantry killer.
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Default Re: Bane Wolf or Devil Dog?

I personally like the devildog, as you can give it a hull multi melta to double up on tank killing power!
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Default Re: Bane Wolf or Devil Dog?

Banewolf, IMHO; not really good against vehicles but you have Infantry/Heavy Weapons Squads + Orders for that kind of thing. Banewolf can pretty much chew through Horde and Marines. Maybe a Crisis Suit here and there as well as the occasional Nob.
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Default Re: Bane Wolf or Devil Dog?

They are both great!
They have two different purposes in the game. It all depends on what you lack in your army what you should take if you cant decide which one suits you the best.

To be honest, the Hellhound isnt really that intresting atm for me. Sure it has range, but the game field is so small anyway in this game. I mean, 24" between the armies... That isnt much. The fast vehicles move 12" and still able to fire. So... in round 2 the Chem tank will be in the enemy lines if you would go all out assault.

Othervice its exelent in keeping in your own lines. What power armoured soldier in his right mind would get close to that tank unless he is certain he will bring it down one way or the other.

It's just a game... have fun!
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Old 31 May 2009, 17:45   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Bane Wolf or Devil Dog?

Well I was aiming to add more anti-space Marine in my 1250 or 1500 point army, so I am currently torn between the Bane Wolf and the Colossus (AP3 big blast that ignores cover, but with a minimum range of 24'&#39. In the end I thought that the Bane Wolf is better, because:

1) Its templates don't scatter
2) It's a fast tank, so it can fire both weapons while being very mobile unlike the stationary colossus
3) It has no minimum range (Edit: Colossus doesn't, either - if it fires directly)
4) It is slightly cheaper
5) A mounted Hunter-killer missile will still give it some cheap anti-tank power..and the best thing is, it can move 12'' and fire it.
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Old 31 May 2009, 18:14   #7 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Bane Wolf or Devil Dog?

Devildog w/ multi-melta give it some smoke launchers and let it lag a bit behind. Use it against both troops and tanks alike. Mmmm I smell bacon!
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Old 31 May 2009, 18:32   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Bane Wolf or Devil Dog?

Two very different vehicles. Like mentioned the Bane Wolf is horde death. I want to take one with Creed. Scout + Bane Wolf = Surprise! You're melting!

Devil Dog is vehicle or heavy infantry death. Creed of course allows the Surprise! You're melting! gag but less necessary. One thing to note is the melta cannon can be temperamental when it comes to the Melta rule. The way I read it if it scatters far enough it's no longer in half range. Adversely it could come closer to allow the melta rule but that's more of a oops wrong target thing.

Oh well. I plan on fielding both in 2 different lists.

EDIT: Woo! 800 posts!
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Default Re: Bane Wolf or Devil Dog?

If you're trying to choose between Bane Wolf and Colossus, as your post is leading me to believe, go with the Colossus everytime.

24" minimum range is only if you are firing indirectly. If you choose to fire DIRECTLY, you can shoot at anything that you have line of sight too (I urge you to check out the section in the rule book on vehicles firing barrage weapons, it's under the vehicles/shooting category). Therefore, if the enemy gets close and you if you can draw direct line of sight to your target you can open up regardless of range. The minimum range applies only if you're shooting it as a barrage weapon.

Since the Colossus has a much longer effective range, it isn't as prone to close range firepower like the Bane Wolf, which will attract a lot of attention sooner.
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Default Re: Bane Wolf or Devil Dog?

Good point, thanks for clearing up. But two facts still remain: Colossus has 10 AV on the side and is open topped, so firing directly does pose just as serious a threat as a Bane Wolf heading towards the enemy (if you don't take Melta range into account). And the Bane Wolf doesn't have to bother with deepstrikers or infiltrators as much as the colossus...
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