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Where is the light infantry ?
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Default Where is the light infantry ?

Is it just me or anyone else is asking that question ? In the previous edition of the codex I was running a light infantry heavy list. No tanks, 12 sentinels and all infiltrator infantry. It wasn't a very competitive list but it fit my fluff but more important it fit the way I wanted to play to have fun.

Now, only 9 sentinels, no more regular grunt infiltrator, no character to represent the doctrine.

I know that light infantry army are not the only one who have been tone down, deep striking and hardened fighter has been hurt pretty badly too but at least the deep striking player got new toys !

Anyway enough rant. I just want to know your tought on the following question: Does the light infantry doctrine was to unbalancing in 5th edition ? Is a whole infiltrator army to powerful ? I'm asking because I'm in the process of writing my version of "Codex Light Infantry" the way GW use to create sub-list of a main codex back in Chaper Approved days.

Thanks for sharing !


Edit: Of course, all of that will be house rule in ma local gaming group.
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Default Re: Where is the light infantry ?

Speaking from personal experience, I get pissed off when people use a gimmick to deploy their army.

Besides which, it isn't exactly inkeeping with the Guard to be sneaking around. If you really, really want to reflect that style of army, invest in that Tallarn psychopath with the Insta-gibbing sword and the ability to make up to 147 models all arrive via Outflank...
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Default Re: Where is the light infantry ?

The Light Infantry based army is all but gone in the new codex. Why? They wanted to see Imperial Guard armies with good basis of infantry and armor. Lousy yes, but Light Infantry can still be done.

One thing you can do now are Veterans with the Forward Sentries Rule; although they cannot Infiltrate they get Camo Cloaks and Snare Mines. The best way to having a Light Infantry army is to load up on Penal Legion Squads, as they can Scout and have special abilities as well.

Other than that...perhaps lots of Storm Troopers?
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