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Played my first 5e game today...
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Default Played my first 5e game today...

I did a 650pt battle against a friend's space marine army. The order's system makes things go MUCH slower, but I hopefully will memorize the orders soon so that'll go faster. I don't like the super-short range of them, but overall they're not bad. I put voxes in all my squads and enjoyed rerolling the orders. Twin-linking my AC's against his dreadnaught was fantastic. I did find myself going to ground pretty much every time I got shot at, the and the orders to get the +2 to the cover save and getting back up on my turn proved to be monumental to my ability to keep my soldiers alive and in the game. It's also nice to to have to worry about running away.

But overall, my favorite thing about the new guard is that just about everything is scoring! All of my HW squads, all my infantry, even my veteran squads are all scoring. I don't really have to worry about objectives so much because with so many scoring squads on the table I can pretty much keep everything covered and focus on killing my enemy or quickly contesting objectives.
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