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Imperial Guard- Special Forces?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Imperial Guard- Special Forces?

Hi everyone, I'm new here ;D. Ive been thinking about converting a special forces type squad, and I know about stormtroopers and Kasrkin, but I'm thinking about making some kinda cool squad with US gas mask heads from West Wind's secrets of the third Reich. I've got the idea, but I'm not sure on the torso and legs for them. Any help?
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Default Re: Imperial Guard- Special Forces?

Buy some troops: I say if you're going to go alternative heads you might as well go alternative bodies. Be careful though because GW models are Heroic proportions...so these heads might look a wee bit out o' place on GW models

If you like that old war look I recommend plupfigures...they have some pretty decent models
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