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Working with the Death Korp
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Default Working with the Death Korp

Anyone here field a death korp of Krieg? How are you finding fitting the new rules with the existing IA5 rules? I am kind of interested in starting a DKK army (gonna be friggin expensive!) but is sort of gutted that I have to pay more for guardsman rather than less if I have to use the actual DKK rules
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Default Re: Working with the Death Korp

I have a Death Korps themed army and have played them using both the list from IA5 and that in the old Guard Codex - complete with doctrines. If using IA5 they are very expensive and odds are you will be outnumbered. As I tend to face a lot of Orcs this was quite significant for me. I try to stay infantry heavy, partly for theming, and the cheaper cost of guardsmen in the codex list compared to IA means you will be appearing on ForgeWorld's Christmas card list.

I only picked up the new codex at the beginning of the week and am still trying to work out how to tailor it to best reflect the DKK. With the absence of doctrines now for Guard I think it is very difficult to use IA5 lists unless you are playing with friends.
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