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Default Allies

I was explaining 40K to my kid sis and how I wanted to get some units that could add more punch to my regular troops. So for my Birthday she got me a squad of Sisters of battle and a squad of Seraphims she was told by the guy at GW that with the Allies rule in Codex Witch Hunters I can include them in my army I haven't got my hands on the rules for sisters of battle yet so long story sort are they worth fielding? I'm hoping they are because that was a lot of money for her to be spending and she did make a good effort
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Default Re: Allies

Yes if you play Witch Hunters you can induct other Imperial Armies into your list. SoB have their place as a more shooty alternative to the SM. You get the 3+ save at a cheaper price.
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Default Re: Allies

that's definitely a plus I'll try to get my hands on the codex witch hunter and see what else they have to offer
but for now keep the info and suggestions coming
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