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Old 31 May 2005, 12:58   #1 (permalink)
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Default Stormblade?

I'm planning on getting a job on the summer and for next semester, and after paying my part of a big upcoming Europe trip, I intend to make my first major Forge World purchase. As soon as I saw the beast, I fell in love with the Stormblade variant of the Baneblade chasis. But before being reckless, I want to get some feedback so as to not rush into somehting stupidly:
1) Does the main gun turret with the Plasma Blastgun rotatate, or can at least it be posed to fire off-axis?
2) What are the dimensions of the tank? Judging by the photos it coult mount Earthshaker sponsons, but for $350 I want to get my money's worth.
3) Have any gamers actully used it, and if so how does it fare in a game, esspecially compared to another model from the Baneblade series?
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Default Re: Stormblade?

Do you mean the Storm Hammer, or is the Storm Blade yet another super heavy tank?

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Stormblade?

Stormhammer? I wish. That seems to have died with Space Marine years ago.

Two turrets with twin-linked battlecannons and 14 dice worth of bolter fire...
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Default Re: Stormblade?

The Stormblade is a variation on the Baneblade chasis, it trades the big cannon and hull-mounted artillery peice for a Plasma Blastgun.

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Default Re: Stormblade?

I don't think the turret can rotate, and the sponsons are mounting heavy bolters, so I think that earthshakers are a bit much. The baneblade is definitley the best tank of the series, just because of it's versatility. However, the Stormblade seems to work well against horde armies.
But seriously, a Guardsman, I'm willing to bet, could a) outshoot me, b) give me the beating of my life, and c) shove more squad-based tactics down my throat than I'd ever care to digest. Guard are hard, hard men. Whether or not GW's inconsistent, Marine-worshipping fluff keeps with that, mkay?

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Default Re: Stormblade?

Ok thanks... I wasn't serious about the Earthshaker sponson mounts, just commenting on size. On that subject, does anyone know dimensions so we can wrap this thread up?
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