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Janissaries Regiment
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Default Janissaries Regiment

With the new Imperial Guard Codex coming soon and having more knowledge and experience with fluff, I have decided to scrap my previous regiment that's the 2:193rd Chihadist Janizeers and rebuild it as the 77:39th Nebezzian "Blood Guard" Janissaries. Something a bit more formal and such. Now, I'll be obviously basing them on the Turkish Janissaries.

Now, the thing is Janissaries are the Elite Foot Soldiers of the Ottoman Empire. They were equipped with the best muskets and artillery. Furthermore, they're also known for their Combat Engineers e.g. Sapping and Mining so I was wondering whether is it fluffy to combine a Gunline element supported by Armor and adding a sort of Infiltration and Sabotage element e.g. Light Infantry? I understand that Imperial Guard Regiments are largely uniformed but I wanted to make sure the fluff can fly.
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Default Re: Janissaries Regiment

I think so.

It makes sense to me that all armies will have elements of light troops supporting gun lines. The Imperial Guard will have some kind of logistical/engineering personnel, so why not have something to represent them in an army. If you are worried you can say they are attached to the regiment from some kind of combat engineer regiment from the same world. Maybe special weapons squad(s) with meltaguns and a demolition charge? If not then perhaps melta bombs? I think that could still be fluffy without having to say they are attached to the regiment from an engineering regiment.

One thing is though would you be using the doctrine light infantry? or at least have it in mind? My view is that with the new codex coming out soon it might make sense to avoid doctrines as we don't know for sure what's coming and so you might find the unit(s) redundant if there's no light infantry equivalent in the new codex.

Obviously avoiding doctrines may mean that your special weapon squads (if that's how you choose to go about it) will have to deploy with the rest of the army and not be infiltrating. If that's the case the best best is probably a hardened veteran squad armed with melta guns, with perhaps melta bombs for the sergeant. You need only take 5 veterans if you wanted and they have the infiltrate rule that may suit your fluff better.

I'm not sure if I've answered your question too well, or even at all, but hopefully there's something in there to think about
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Default Re: Janissaries Regiment

Hmm, seems an interesting combination, I think it could work! ;D

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Default Re: Janissaries Regiment

I'd say to add Mars techpriest, light infantry, special weapons teams, and maybe sharpshooters or hadened fighters, but to be even fluffier, add something like Veterans. These guys are supposed to be 'l33t' so I would even give them Close order drill for fun.
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Default Re: Janissaries Regiment

I would take Rough Riders as well to represent an elite Sipahi regiment alongside your musketeers.
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Default Re: Janissaries Regiment

Thanks for the input, guys For now, I'm just putting it off until I get the new Imperial Guard Codex. So, no Doctrines or playing with them yet. Just want to get the fluff down first.

I don't really like having Techpriest on the tabletop but in fluff, they're just to maintain the Leman Russes and such. I like the idea of including Rough Riders as well as Ogryns (as my Bodyguards).
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