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Ogryns Alternatives
Closed Thread
Old 09 Feb 2009, 12:01   #1 (permalink)
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Default Ogryns Alternatives

Now, with the new Imperial Guard Codex coming and the fact, that they'll be overall decrease in point cost, I wanted to get some CC-units. Rough Rider is kinda iffy for me. Ogryns, on the other hand, have more pleasing appeal e.g. they're big and stompy much like the Nobz I play. So, I was wondering if they were alternatives to the current Orgyn models. I got 2 ideas right now. One of them is using Warhammer Fantasy's Orge Kingdom's Leadbelchers. There's a picture below:

The second idea was to emulate this guy's O.G.R.Y.N.s. I can get get some spare AoBR Terminators from some of my friends and my LGS sell them separately from the AoBR Box Set.

So, what you guys think? And if you have other alternative ideas, please don't hesitate to post up the idea
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Default Re: Ogryns Alternatives

I didn't like the Ogryn models at all. not the new ones either.
Doesn't look too good, too expensive, metal etc.

Some time ago I used normal Ogre Bulls and converted them a little:

A little GS and orky bits, and there you go Ready for a stompin!
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Default Re: Ogryns Alternatives

I might have a go at doing those O.G.R.Y.N.s
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Default Re: Ogryns Alternatives

i like these, and here is the link on how to make them.


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Default Re: Ogryns Alternatives

I like the idea of those O.G.R.Y.N.S. But they are not 40K if you know what i mean.... I quite like the new ogryn models.. But not enough to buy some...
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Default Re: Ogryns Alternatives

I like your idea, King Winter. I agree getting the Ogre Kingdom Bulls will give me more models per dollar plus I got some Nobz Bitz to spare Thanks. A lock please then. I already got my answer.
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Old 23 Feb 2009, 13:56   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Ogryns Alternatives

I would say out of all of them I really like King Winter's models. That looks extremely nice and IMO very 40k...very impressed at how it turned out. I think if I decide to get some for my Imp Guard I will probably go that route as they are quite costly models!

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Default Re: Ogryns Alternatives

Problem solved. Locked.
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