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Fluff idea for my 2000pt infantry and armoured companies
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Default Fluff idea for my 2000pt infantry and armoured companies

Things marked in *stars* have temporary names/dates etc. Kinda funny though.

*Cheese Planet* was once a remote planet with reasonable technological capabilities, but too insignificant to be useful in a large-scale war. The nearby systems did not maintain contact or trade with *Cheese Planet* with the attitude that they were snooty and pompous, and rightly so.

In *0123.M45* the inhabitants of *Cheese Planet* were instructed to be abandoned in the face of hive fleet leviathan, yet the planetary governor *John Travolta* refused, confident that his planetary defence force could hold out against invaders, and so *Cheese Planet* was abandoned to it’s fate.

However, hive fleet leviathan was travelling below the galactic plane and bypassed *Cheese Planet,* and it was thought that *Cheese Planet* was safe, until several of the major cities erupted in rebellion. A small detachment of the sisters of battle were sent to *halt* the rebellion, mercilessly wiping out the ill-equipped Defence Forces and executing the *John Travolta* (Yay!).

The only two PDF companies not destroyed was stationed in a small polar outposts, and when the sisters of battle demanded surrender, they willingly laid down arms. Due do unexplained electronic disruption around the south pole, they had no adequate communications and so had been unaware of the uprising.

The 5th *Cheese Planet* Infantry Defence Company and the 8th *Cheese Planet* Armoured Defence Company were investigated at a high level, and eventually they were deemed “innocent,” though the remaining rebels hiding on *Cheese Planet* were destroyed, the entire planet subject to Exterminatus.

The 5th and 8th PDF Companies were re-equipped and drafted into the 3rd *Stink Planet* regiment, and, though avoiding being placed in a penal legion, they are still accompanied by Commissars who maintain supervision to this day.

Through time, the mistrust has decreased and the commissars are not concerned about breaches of discipline, but it has been found that attaching large amounts of members of the commissarant to a company can greatly improve performance.

The 2000 point list (which can be decreased to 1850 and 1500) represent 25% of ex 5th Infantry Defence Company. Because of the extended period in which they have been living and working with commissars, they are highly disciplined and have the “Close Order” doctrine. The company also include several small platoons of Drop Troops.

The infantry company is made into 4 detachments, each identical. The 2000pt list is one full detachment and contains:
1 Red Infantry Platoon (Mainstay Line Troops), 60+5 men
1 Blue Platoon (Drop Troops), 20+5 men
1 Green Platoon (two Armoured Fists), 20 men
1 Black Platoon (Heavy weapons), 3x3+command
1 Drop Sentinel Squadron, 3 men
1 Support Sentinel Squadron 3 men
2 Leman Russ Battle tanks. 2 tanks

EDIT: oops cant have 2 fists and 2 sentinel squads. will decide later
ANOTHER EDIT: added amounts of dudes to list of stuff in army
EDIT #3:
I didnt know whether to put this in "stories" or "army lists". Is it okay where it is?
I've hung up my frisbee and finished lunch. Good luck and good bye!

[I do not wish this account to be deleted, but I will no longer be posting much]

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