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Starting Vostroyans (sort of) and looking for some guidance.
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Default Starting Vostroyans (sort of) and looking for some guidance.

My son has decided that he wants to build a Vostroyan force. Now, as the last army we put together for him was a complete disaster. :P I've decided to take this rather slowly. Also, with the new codex coming out this year, I don't plan on buying a codex until the new one is out...which means I don't have one now.

Right now, he has a senior officer and two junior officers. My goal is to build him an HQ and one platoon to start. Our plan is to build a shooty list that is relatively easy to play. He'll be mainly facing my mech-Eldar and my Nurgle Chaos Space Marines.

So where should I go from here? He'll need a few squads of troops. What sort of special / heavy weapons? I was thinking that Grenade Launchers seem pretty versatile. Maybe Autocannons & Mortars for heavies?

How are sniper teams? Is there anything else I should know about before buying models?

Thanks in advance,
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Default Re: Starting Vostroyans (sort of) and looking for some guidance.

Tanks... Tanks and more tanks.

The IG thrive on their armor.

After making up 2 platoons ( I suggest full platoons for purposes of Dawn of War set up), a HQ squad and some support squads for them (heavy weapon teams in particular), I'd get 2 Lemen Russes, a Demolisher, a Hell hound and possibly 2 armored fist squads.


1 HQ
3 or 4 heavy weapon support squads
1 Platoon Command
4-5 Squads
1 Platoon Command
4-5 Squads
2 Russes
Demolisher (or maybe a bassi)
Hell Hound
2 Armor fist squads.

Possibly some sentinels as well.... These work well when supported by heavy armor. And on top of that, you've got yourself a rather solid gun line and around a 1750-2000 point army.
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Default Re: Starting Vostroyans (sort of) and looking for some guidance.

$$$ Wow.

All I'm seeing is 4-5 squads of metal figures. :P But thanks for the reply, that certainly helps put it in perspective. I suppose we'll start collecting some infantry and maybe a tank for now. Maybe they'll have a deal on Vostroyans when the new codex comes out...or maybe not.
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Default Re: Starting Vostroyans (sort of) and looking for some guidance.

Sniper squads are cool. Pinning things so you can shoot at them more. Autocannons are a must, miss out on mortars, but thats my preferance. Grenade launchers are nice on paper, shocking on the table. save the points for autocannons and heavy bolters, high rate of fire weapons work better for the guard. Get him maybe a platoon & armoured fist squad. that's his hq & two troops choices whilst being versatile and relativly cheap. [hr] So to recap; Autocannons + Heavy Bolters + Flamers + Snipers + The odd Lascannon + Alot of Guardsmen = Good base army to start off with.
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Default Re: Starting Vostroyans (sort of) and looking for some guidance.

Also, if you look into fluff the Vostroyans love their Plasma and their Heavy Bolters. Grenade Launchers can be fun and I think you get a flamer in the firstborn squad. Either way Heavy Bolters and Lascannons seem to be the popular choice when looking at other vostroyan armies.

Tanks are a big thing for them too, they were/are from a Forge World. So I would venture to say that if you give them some armor and heavy guns to pound those nurgle marines of yours. That will be the toughest thing for the angry little flashlights to kill, so he will need some firepower for that.

I am planning to build mine extremely tank heavy (4 or so leman russ', 3 chimeras, plus in apoc I will have 3 Malcador Variants and 3 Baneblade variants). Past that I have been trying to round out the troops, keep the ability to field them evenly a main concept.

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