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Help with Guard fluff
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Default Help with Guard fluff

Greetings. I must confess that I have a problem. I have been fascinated by Guard for a number of years now and have collected a number of models. But the problem lies now in creating fluff for those models, something which, while normally I enjoy, frustrates me.

I have a haphazard collection of Steel Legion Guardsmen, regular plastic cadians, and Gaunts ghosts lying about. Now to put it bluntly I have no idea how to hammer these together.

What I want is one regiment, not a bunch of guys that where formed form a battlegroup. Having a combined regiment formed up from previous battles just seems lazy to me. So I want one regiment form one world. But I have no idea on how to effectively achieve this goal. Could you guys help me in this regard?


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Default Re: Help with Guard fluff

Even though they're from one world, the probably from different communities and different social life. My world consists of a desert, tropical jungle, a plain (something like Praries), a couple of Hive cities and a mountainous areas. So, people have different opinions of things much like how there's different type of regions on my world.

My 2 cents.
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Default Re: Help with Guard fluff

Like Zenai said one Planet different regions. Maybe even trained differently like use your steel legion for an armored fist squad. Your ghosts for special weapons squads or veterans and the plastic cadians as the grunt infantry men. The steel legion from maybe industrial areas with high polution or something. Cadians are volunteer soldiers, and the Ghosts can be from a jungle or just season vets.
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Default Re: Help with Guard fluff

well here's an idea.

use the ghosts for like hardened veterans they are like US Rangers or SAS troops the best you got and are elite stealth troops(improved BS and infiltrate). Just use whatever weapons you got for them.

don't know how many steel legion troops you got. If you only have a few use them for special weapons squads. If you have close to a platoon, take them as a platoon. either way call them combat engineers, they don't look like they have as much armor and for the gas masks say they often have to work in hazardous conditions, and the lack of armor is because they don't usually fight on the front(but they can and are). if you can give them meltaguns, and flamers could be the prefered special weapon(for demolistion and foliage clearance respectivly) and maybe missile launchers for heavy weapon(long range demolishion work.

Lastly for your cadians. Use them as your basic infantry. They look like the sterotypical soldier look, so use them as such. Once again use whatever you want for weapon options.

just a couple of ideas, it would be a little easier if you had an idea about what direction you wanted to go with for your guard.
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Default Re: Help with Guard fluff

I have

13 lagsun Steel Legion.

2 Steel Legion Power Sword officers

3 Steel Legion sergants


Col. Schaffer

2 Cadian sergants

4 Plasma Gun Steel Legion

3 Grenade Launcher Steel Legion

2 two-man missle launcher Steel Leigon

1 two-man lascannon Steel Legion team

12 lasgun Cadians

1 Ghost plasma guneer

1 sniper ghost

Four lasgun ghosts

Two flamer cadians

I am sure I have a few more models lying around somewere but this is what I have at the moment.

I am thinking abot the example of the 1st Kronus regiment, of a bunch of ground forces created into one new big regiment to accomplish a spesfic task. Like hunting an Eldar farseer.

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Default Re: Help with Guard fluff

Perhaps... the cadians can be the recruits, the armoured fist can be elite marine guys, and the tanith can be the stealth team. Basicaly one, diverse regiment
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