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tank upgrades
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Kroot Shaper
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Default tank upgrades

just wanna know what upgrades do people normally take on there tanks i normally take tank tracks and extra armor on my Russes for 15 points. also does anyone have an opinion on tank tracks (10pts for a 4 up save from immobilisation). looking for comments and upgrades people take. thank you.
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Default Re: tank upgrades

on chimeras I usually run a heavy stubber and extra armor and smoke(9 shots sitting still and it can keep moving).

on a Russ though I just run the extra armor, so you can hopefully get to some cover or at the very least keep moving so you arn't auto hit in melee.

As for tank tracks, I think they're worthless IMO. You really don't use a russ for much other than a battlecannon(or demolisher cannon). If you're immobilised you can still shoot, however if you make that save you can't move or shoot and against any army that wants to get into melee with you(which is probally everyone except tau) that main cannon not firing is what they want, and ranged armies don't want it shooting because it just simply kills anything out of termie armor(and just anything at all if you're running a demolisher)

that's not even taking into account that you are still paying 10pts for something that only works 50% of the time.

it may and I repeat may be usefull on a chimera with a uber-melee-squad-of-death(like a tooled out command squad) for so you can keep moving but you're transport is still stunned and can't move for a turn.

It may be just me but the main cannon on the russ(and varients) are just too good to give up to keep your tank moving(under 4th maybe so it would be scoring but not now).

The best you could hope for would be the opponent kept firing at the tank and getting immobilised results(or weapon destoryed with no weapons) and you keep making those 4+ saves and possibly contesting an objective.

if you find it usefull go for it but I just can't see them being any real use.
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Default Re: tank upgrades

I take absolutely nothing. My points are better spent on more guardsmen.
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Default Re: tank upgrades

I only only Sponson weapons nowadays. Maybe that will change in the new Codex.
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Default Re: tank upgrades

I take sponsoon weapons- that's it. Though right now I'm tied down to taking a hull weapon as well, as I got most (all-right now) of my army second hand, WYSIWYG.
Originally Posted by USAFTACP
I take absolutely nothing. My points are better spent on more guardsmen.
That would be my reason for it.

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Default Re: tank upgrades

I model a lot of stuff, usually I'll use the odd thing, such as a stubber, or extra-armor.

Really, I thought I'd never say this when I started playing, but I use smoke launchers almost every game, they're just fantastic! And with transports, the fact you can't fire doesn't do much to dissuade me from them, I've had many MANY tanks saved from crippling blows or even destruction thanks to that.

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Default Re: tank upgrades

I take stubbers on nearly all of my tanks.
Other than that, sponsons..
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Default Re: tank upgrades

Currently my only Tank is my HQ Chimera for which I used the older 2nd edition chimera (or is it early 3rd Ed)

So it has a stormbolter on the turret above the cannon, and I added the FW, track guard nad Extra armour skirt.
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Default Re: tank upgrades

Smoke launchers and heavy stubbers. Leader tanks (Squadron commanders and HQ tanks) get sponsons.

Extra armor is there if I have extra points. It's useful, but not always so.

Hunter-killer missiles would be great if you could get an upgrade, where they are less per shot, but you can have a rack of six of em (or sacrifice your hull mount for six of them.) It would be like a Sherman calliope.

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Default Re: tank upgrades

Transports as a rule for me get Extra Armour and Smoke Launchers, keeps them safe and keeps them moving.

My Russ tend to benefit from a Heavy Stubber and Searchlights, partly because it's part of the model as I use Conqueror Turrets (yes it comes with a Storm Bolter but I have converted them a little and lets face it theres no excuse to have a Storm Bolter over a Heavy Stuber unless it's already modeled and you dont wish to change it or you REALLY cant find those extra 2pts), partly because added to this are three Heavy Bolters allowing the tank to lay down a fair bit of anti-personel fire, this used to benefit mostly in 4th Edition as it was truely mobile firepower, though it can still be useful in 5th as an alternative to the battlecannon when the main gun is lost OR the target is well spaced OR a single model which cant be instant killed and has more then one wound.

Smoke is bad for gun tanks, a round with smoke popped is a round your not shooting, extra armour I can do without as well.

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