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ITS OFICCIAL New Baneblade Variants in March!
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Default ITS OFICCIAL New Baneblade Variants in March!

Quote from my White Dwarf 349 (jan 09) which arrived today in the news and announcements section:

Warhammer40K ARMOURED

''insert cool pic of the new shadowsword here'' (il post one when I've scanned it)

New Super-Heavy Tank Inbound
The word 'apocalypse' might mean the end of all things, but in Warhammer 40,000 that's far from the truth - this March we've got a swathe of Apocalypse releases, including a brand new super-heavy tank. Yes, the Shadowsword above is no forgeworld model, but a new plastic kit! The best news is that this is just one of six possible super-heavy variants you can make from the same box set.
To find out more about the continuing Apocalypse - not to mention the other new stuff out in March - you'll have to wait until the special bumper edition WD351 in a few months time.

Looks like FW is obsolete!

Edit: Sorry, I just thought that it would be posted on the guard boards because it is a new guard superheavy...

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Default Re: ITS OFICCIAL New Baneblade Variants in March!

Discussion is already here.
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Default Re: ITS OFICCIAL New Baneblade Variants in March!

Keep rumours in the rumours board please.
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