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Infantry platoons questions (new to IG)
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Default Infantry platoons questions (new to IG)

Hello all. I am a new player to IG and to this forum.

I been playing 40k for about 10 years, and have a space marine army and an ork army, but I wish to start IG now.

My questions is regarding infantry platoons and Heavy weapon platoons. Can the infantry/heavy weapon command squad take support squads? I get confused by all the terminology, (especially the FAQ on Gamesworkshops website confused me even more when they tried to explain what a command squad and a platton command squad was).

Anyways if they can take support squads, this would mean a heavy weapons platoon could take 1-3 heavy weapon squads plues 0-5 support squads?
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Default Re: Infantry platoons questions (new to IG)

Not quite.

As an HQ choice you are required to take a Command Squad (any officer) and 0-5 support squads.

As a Troops choice, you may take an Infantry Platoon, consisting of a Command Squad (Junior Officer only), 2-5 Infantry squads and 0-1 Remnant squad (only if you took 4 or fewer Infantry squads).

As a Heavy Support choice, you may take a Heavy Weapons Platoon, consisting of a Command Squad (Junior Officer only) and 1-3 Heavy Weapon squads.
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