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Alternative PIP Heads updated
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Default Alternative PIP Heads updated

A while back someone found this site & pointed it out to others on here. While I wasn't able to find the thread I decided to make a new thread to avoid potential necro wrath & to point out the new options cause they're just so damn cool!

This is the link to ordering the things & what was originally posted.

Now on to the good stuff:

New gas mask helmets. A variation of their old models, they're mostly just the old one with cloth or fabric cover/padding but they add variety & personally I like them more than the old ones. Adds quite a bit of variety to any Death Korps or Steel Legion conversions you make.

Winter headgear with gas mask. These are awesome. Its the gas masks with Russian style wool caps. Who says only DKoK or SL units get rebreathers? Anyone doing a Valhallan or Vostroyan army can toss these on guys for more personalized units.

These 2 are figure packs, not head sets but hey they're still new so why not. The first one is not too flashy. Just the new helmets with some bodies but they can fit in a number of armies plus the batons & pistols do offer some nice conversion opportunities. The second one is pretty cool. Look at the first figure & tell me that it doesn't scream commissar. Yes? No? Well at the very least its obviously officer material. The second is open for a good servitor conversion & its up to you for the other two. Vox officer? Medic? Red shirt?

Anyways these are new at Pig Iron & I thought some of you would enjoy a heads up.
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Default Re: Alternative PIP Heads updated

I am seriously loving those Winter Headgear heads.. absolutely awesome.
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Default Re: Alternative PIP Heads updated

Cool, nice find.
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Default Re: Alternative PIP Heads updated

Well these are st getting better and better.
If there actually will be greatcoat guard, and I am not satisfied with the look of their heads...this will definitly be the alternative I'll use. The Russian Winter look
And damn they are cheap...
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