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Question about the Steel legion
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Default Question about the Steel legion

Hey while my Tyranids have somehow gone MIA ( Im fairly sure I left them at my friends house... there was alcohol involved and dead space wolf appetizers...) I was thinking of going with the IG since I read some stuff, and I felt bad for them and wanted to partake in the awsomeness that is...... -fast forward past ranting-

Anyway my question is this, lets say I wanted to go steel legion ( I love the models) and wanted to fit them to a tee, I dont have the codex (Yet) so I wanted to know before I go and spend $XXXXX however many dollars, Are there certain units I cannot take with them? ( Psykers.. Enginseers etc) or any non fluffy units?

Thanks for your time.
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Default Re: Question about the Steel legion

A Non-doctrine IG Army would mostly consist and only of a Command Platoon, 2 Infantry Platoons or 1 Infantry Platoon and 1 Armored Fist Squad, maybe a Hellhound or Sentinels, Leman Russes and a Basilisk.

Those units are a safe bet.
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Default Re: Question about the Steel legion

As Zenai pointed out, most units, especially larger boxed sets, are unrestricted, so any army can take them.

However, if your looking for a distinctly Steel Legion regiment, IE, you want to follow the Steel Legion rules, you'll need to Mechanize your army. That means for every infantry squad or command squad, you'll need a Chimera.

Now, at the bare minimum, that means 5 Chimeras, one for the Command HQ, three for the platoon (one for HQ, one each for squads), and an Armored Fist squad.

However, you don't have to Mechanize. One of my favorite aspects of the Guard is that the armies are so fluid... you have a lot of room when it comes to making the list and models reflect your mental image of them.

I suggest the following:

3 Steel Legion Squadrons (10 man boxed set)
3 blisters of Steel Legion Troopers (3 in each)
2 blisters of Steel Legion Special Weapons
2 Heavy Bolter Teams
2 Lascannon Teams
2 Lieutenants (one of each type)
1 Commissar (preferably the Steel Legion found in Classic/Collectors... excellent model)
1 Chimera Transport
1 Leman Russ
2 Armageddon Pattern Sentinels

Now, thats obviously a pricy little wish list. However, that will give you a Command Squad, a two-squad infantry platoon complete with HQ, an Anti-Tank Heavy Weapon Squadron (three teams attached to Command HQ), a Special Weapons Squad (three special weapons, three troopers), an Armored Fist Squad, a main battle tank, and two Sentinel Walkers.

That fills out on the ol' FOC...
2 HQ
0 Elites
2 Troops
1 Fast Attack
1 Heavy Support

Now, an alternate option is to take those extra men and form a Hardened Veteran Squad complete with special weapons and lots of handy-dandy upgrades.
Now you have...
2 HQ
1 Elite
2 Troops
1 Fast Attack
1 Heavy Support

From that point, you can just buy more things like Stormtroopers, Ogryns, Engiseers, Pyskers, Leman Russ, Basilisk, Demolishers, Ratlings, and more troops.

Just my suggestions.
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