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New Renegade Tactics?
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Default New Renegade Tactics?

Hey guys, I have some new tactics, and would just like some opinions on them.

Tactic 1: The Scum and the Goliath

The Renegade infantry are much the same as their loyal counter-parts, but workers rabble (conscripts) can be taken in as many groups as wanted, and are not limited to the 1-1 ratio with infantry platoons are in the loyal regiments. Our armoured fist also start in reserve and can have shotguns.

This tactic uses masses of the 4 point 'scum' to saturate the enemies fire, assault objectives with the advantage of massive numbers (supported by a command squad with a chaos banner, which allows all renegade morale checks to be re-rolled.) and assault enemy objectives. I'm thinking multiple groups of 40, each costing 160 points and need to lose 10 models before a moral check.

The Goliath can come in many forms, depending upon the points level. In less than 2000 points, the goliath can be any form of LRBT. I'd prefer demolishers for their superior armor and sponson weaponry. But my favorite would be the Macharius super heavy and the Macharius Vanquisher. Two of them, one on each flank, can really give an enemy some trouble, or alternativly, both in the middle to cover each others sides. The double pie plates of the normal Macharius is amazingly effective against MEQ armies and really makes them think of cover just as all use guards players have for years. Cover, or die. This can limit their deployment, movement and can really change a game.

The Vanquisher varient also has this, but benefits from a twin-linked Vanquisher AP round. If you really need that Land Raider blown to bits, the Macharius Vanquisher is your main man.

Alternativly, you could go for the Macharius Vulcan, armed with the Vulcan mega bolter (heavy 15 AP 3!) which can decimate an entire squad in the open per turn.

Tactic 2: The Scum and the Elite-This is a seperate tactic than #1, but in one varient decribed below can be much the same.

This tactic uses masses of workers rabble like above, only instead of super heavies you have elite infantry (And maybe some light vehicles like salamanders and sentinels). This can come in the form of the Alpha Legion CSM who can infiltrate, but have a 0-1 restriction, or you can go for veteran infantry. Also, normal infantry could be 'elite' compared to the workers rabble.

A varient of this tactic which I want to try is 1 group of CSM and 2 veteran squads, supported by a CC based company command squad with enforcer, priest and psyker in a Gorgon super-heavy transport. It has 14 AV front, and on a 4+ can ignore any damage to the front. Also has some really nice armor on the sides and back. it can carry 50 models, and is armed with 4 heavy stubbers which can be upgraded to 4 X 4 shot one use mortars.

Alternativly, you could have a lot of conscripts, supported by 15 Ogryn berserkers for some more assault punch. I'll try this later tonight.

I have not done much on tactic three yet, so I will add it later, but it includes 3-4 mounted armoured fist squads (Not limited to the number of infantry platoons), a super-heavy or two (Can be substituted for with several LRBT and light vehicles) and generally having an awesome armoured unit. Can also include a squad of alpha legion CSM to infiltrate and deal with the stronger anti-tank threats.

What do you guys think?
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