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IG or Catachan
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Kroot Shaper
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Default IG or Catachan

Hi before I start a Warhammer army I want to know if I should play IG or Catachan. I've looked at Tau and liked them now I want to know about the two other's I liked. PLZ help.

Thank you-Zely
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Default Re: IG or Catachan

Well, it depends a lot on where you play and with whom.

If I recall correctly, the catachan mini-codex is not 'legal' anymore, so if you want to use the catachan miniature you will have to use the IG codex and use doctrine provided for the Catachan (near the end of the codex).

The short version is: Catachan are and IG variant same as Cadian (current model range), the modian, the Valhallan, etc. since they all use the same codex.

Now as stated currently at the end of the IG Codex you have the doctrines and they give you the list of doctrine to use for all of the 'Known' IG Troops (Catachan, Cadian, Mordian, etc.) You can either use them or make up your own IG Corps using different permutation of the doctrine.

For exemplt my IG group will be SWAT like: with the Grenadier, Veteran, Mechanized and a few other doctrines to represent this. And I will use slightly modified Cadian minis to represent them.

Hope it's clear and helpful...even if it might not be the answer you were hoping for.
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Default Re: IG or Catachan

I would stick to standard IG. It will avoid the conflicts of using a codex of uncertain legality.

Even if the Deathworld Vets list was confirmed as legal, then the new true LOS rules make one of the major factors in their point costs void i.e. Jungle Terrain. So then they just become over-priced guardsmen with a few of the old terrain rules, the hardened fighters doctrine, and the ability to have variable squad sizes while still having the restrictions like no tanks.

The standard Guard codex offers much more versatility with doctrines and a larger list.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: IG or Catachan

I have to agree with Lord Solar with this one...
Just come up with some doctrines that help support the way you play...
You may want to play around with some of them to find out how they work in battle conditions and what not...
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Default Re: IG or Catachan

Definantly go with standard IG listings from the codex, however that's where doctrines make all the differnce, allowing you to costomise your army, without too many restrictions.

My army has models from many different regiments (having fallen to the fell influences of chaos and gathering under one banner) so I have to use very general doctrines, hardened fighters, but not close order drill, I've also mixed a whole bunch of different kits.
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Default Re: IG or Catachan

probably better to wait for the new guard codex than buy the codex now though, you don't know what sort of stuff will change, not sure of the release date yet but will be quite soon and all I've heard is "more tanks"
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Default Re: IG or Catachan

I do agree that the new codex may change a few things. However, bottom line is always the same: go with what you like. If you feel that Mystical Vietnam theme floats your boat, by all means take Catachans; if you feel that about any other range (like Cadians or something more exotic), you're welcome to go with those models. Don't worry too much about the rules at this point, as every range of miniatures can represent many tactical compositions (although turning Catachan models into heavy infantry might be rather tricky).
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