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Krieg or Renegades?
Old 22 Oct 2008, 02:49   #1 (permalink)
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Default Krieg or Renegades?

Hey Guardsmen!

I've been itching to try out a different flavor of IG, and as I usually play mechanized/Armored Company/Battlegroup and have recently read through IA: 5. I am torn between Renegades and the DKoK.

The Krieg are hard infantry with the same tanks that I love, with new additions like the Centaur. They have turret emplacements and Heavy stubber weapon choices.

But the Renegades have other things that draw me to them. The whole Renegade doctrine itself (Random Ld is just oh so fun ;D) the Champions, Enforcers and Rogue Psykers (Who get possesed!) also add some fun 'toppings' to this 'flavor' of guard. The work rabble (Which are in essential, conscripts) appeal to me as well, and with shotguns as an option (Going for a massive charge with 80+ of them in two units, moving and shooting their shotties) also seem fun to me. Add to that the Ogryn Berserkers and Chaos Space Marines that you can include, it just gives me a lot more options than I had before.

Actually, I think I've answered my own question here...

But if you guys were to start a IA:5 army, would you chose Krieg or Renagades, and why?
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Default Re: Krieg or Renegades?

Krieg, I wouldnt use the models as their to exspensive (probaly vostroyan models and make them a vostroyan siege regiment) but I made a list once from a friends book and the amount of pie plates I could make in such a small amount of points was just almost cheese plus the image of you in a snow flecked trench lobbing thousands of pounds of lead into the enemy is always nice.
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Default Re: Krieg or Renegades?

Well, as more a fan of the hobby than the game, I would most certainly go for...

...thats the problem, they're just both such great model ranges. Though, I have to say, everyone and thier grandmother seems to have a Krieg army (why don't I?), but seeing a well painted Renegade army, with a few squads of infantry with both upgrade packs from FW, as well as a few Rogue Pyskers, enforcers, Champions, command squads, Ogryns, and probably the best, a few Malcadors with Renegade Crew Members is a sight unique to behold.

And, if you do go in that direction, promise me you'll model a Basilisk or Earthshaker with a body strapped across the muzzle and a massive hole through it's torso.

Anyone ever read Honor Guard?

If Forgeworld isn't an avenue you'd like to pursue, I say go for Krieg. They're much more hardcore Guard in the respect they field a huge amount of ordnance, and that's what the Guard is all about.

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Default Re: Krieg or Renegades?

What i'd do is if i wanted to collect krieg i'd convert SL to look like them (with very little GS work)

And if i collected renegades i'd convert SL to look like blood pact.

I'd go traitor personally. (promise me you'll put some dead tanieth all over you vehicles.)
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Krieg or Renegades?

Renegades, sir.

I speak from experience that the models are fantastic, and take exceedingly well to conversion. With a little cleverness, you can make your expensive upgrade pack stretch across a squad and a half of Renegades, since Cadian weapon arms actually look fit the look well. Not to mention you can give Renegade Tom a tentacle or a face on his pack and he'll look absolutely fantastic.

From a gaming perspective, I haven't used the list from IA : 5, but I've seen it before. It offers you an experience many Guard players simply will never have - the chance to slaughter in close combat, or laugh as rounds ricochet from your MEQs. Just imagine the glories on the tabletop! A respectable gunline laying down fields of fire and tearing apart approaching Marines. Drugged Ogryn throwing themselves and Assault Marines that just landed, and tearing them apart with their bare hands. Scouts sneaking out of some bushes when the Alpha Legion rushes from cover and pulps them into a fine mist.

Ah, beautiful.

Drat, now I want to work on my own Renegades, but I'm waiting for my dividend to come in before I can expand my army.
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Default Re: Krieg or Renegades?

I've been planning to base my Imperial Guard list on the Krieg style of warfare (or as close as I can get without ever having seen the list), but I'm intrigued by the Renegades.
Generally I dislike Chaos (meaning I'd never play them, I like them as an army...), But I have a soft spot for Thousand Sons and recently the Alpha Legion. Can someone tell me how a Renegade list would lend itself more to a secretive (and relatively sane) cult, more like a rebel faction? And what are the Chaos Marine options?

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Default Re: Krieg or Renegades?

I just plain don't like chaos, so it'd be Krieg for me out of the choices presented, but honestly, I'd rather use the Imperial Guard army list and add siege weapons. The siege army list features only marginally more pie plate fun than any other guard army using the new units in IA5, and at the cost of heavy weapons in infantry squads. I'd rather have the best of both worlds - It offers greater flexibility.
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Default Re: Krieg or Renegades?

Thanks for your opinions guys!

Just to clarify though, I'm not buying anything. I've given up buything things from GW, and to me, that includes forgeworld. I do have my Cadian force which I am painting in red/black, and could add some details... I also have some warzone Bauhaus models (Think storm trooper equivelent, but with medieval styled armor and a bolter) that look pretty cool, and with a little work, chaos should be no problem.

I also have my WW2 tanks, which I can add details to (The renegades won't always have acess to typical tanks like the Leman Russ, right? SO they'd use sub-standard equivelents.

I'll keep you posted on my progress, but keep your opinions coming!
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Default Re: Krieg or Renegades?

I'd choose Krieg over both.

I just like their background, units and their trench warfare style, and the amount of hard hitting troops to boot and the models on FW. Although they're expensive, they're so irresistible to buy.

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Default Re: Krieg or Renegades?

I've gone for Renegades. My 1500 army includes two chaos Ogryns, a full Alpha Legion CSM squad, two groups of 40 workers rabble (I would have 4 groups of 20, but I did this to avoid LD tests for longer.) a command squad with enforcer and psyker (Which I forgot to roll powers for and never used so far) an autocannon fire support team, two squads with heavy stubbers, four squads (meant to rush in and support the workers rabble, they have shotguns) and a Macharius super heavy. This is 1500 points, but I had my friends permission to use the Macharius. I deployed everything first (As I chose first turn and table side) and then he deployed, then I woulf infiltrate.)

And so far, I'm winning. We played on vassal, using a 4 X 6 urban table, using the long table edges as deployment zones. He concentrated his forces in the middle and right, and nothing in the left, while I had a equal deployment, with the command squads, autocannon fire team, a heavy stubber squad, shotgun squad and Ogryns in the middle. On the left I had 2 shotgun squads and my 3 heavy stubber teams. On the right I had my alpha legion who infiltrated into 4+ cover, a shotgun squad and my Macharius. I also had the second workers rabble in the middle/right.

The twin battlecannons of the Macharius did really well, and would've slaughtered normal marines, but faith saves most of the sisters on that first turn (Eight out of ten would've died, but he got a 3+ invulnerable, so only 3 died.) I started boxing him in with the two big units, pounding him with the Macharius, and moving everything in while the fire teams provide cover. The shotgun squad on the right ran up, shotgunned, and then charged a seraphim squad and wiped them out, and then consolidated into an inquisitorial storm trooper squad. I've done quite a bit of damage. I'll keep you guys posted (we saved it, as he has to go to sleep for school.)

So far, I've lost two people from one shotgun squad. And one of my CSM blew himself up with his plasma. I've caused 10-15 loses, and only taken 3. I also took out his immolator (No weapon, and immobilized.) This'll be my first victory with IG (first IG victory NOT with an armored battlegroup or company.)
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