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Need some help in constructing an IG list...
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Default Need some help in constructing an IG list...

So I was looking into writing up an IG list as it is one of two or three armies I am looking into starting up at the moment. I'm looking for tips on constructing a fairly mobile IG list that does NOT sit there for 3-4 turns and blast away, and is not necessarily all mechanized (those chimeras get expensive...although they are necessary). I prefer infantry based armies with some armor back-up. Could anyone help me? I've written some brainstorming lists up, but was not really sastisfied with them (in that I just didn't like them...I am not aiming to win tournaments, just to build a decent solid list thats fun for me to play).


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Default Re: Need some help in constructing an IG list...

Well, as far as help getting mobile is concerned, I for one look to Sentinels, Hellhounds, and Rough Riders for a bit of mobile support, as well as armor.

These units all focus on advancing to the enemy, rather than waiting for it to come to them. Coupled with a few Chimeras and a few static infantry squads, a rather powerful HQ, and you've got yourself a mobile IG army with a fair punch at medium range.

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Default Re: Need some help in constructing an IG list...

Consider the following units
Hardened Vets
Stormtrooper squad
3x Sentinal
Rough Rider
LMRBT Demolisher

So it is really benefitial to have some static guns to back up your advancing vehicles or units. I reccomend using the command squad to fill up on heavy weapons. Make us of Deepstrike or the Drop Troop doctrine if you want to grab objectives. You have to love cheap costs for squads and free deep strike.

Ultimately, try a game on vassal with your list and see how it plays out.
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