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Scout Sentinels and Flame Death
Old 19 Oct 2008, 18:20   #11 (permalink)
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Default Re: Scout Sentinels and Flame Death

heh i remember using the heavy flamer sentinel as a sort of mobile bomb... run up to a group with a powerfist, flame and charge, and the detonation (meager av10, open-topped) should put paid to a few of em...
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Default Re: Scout Sentinels and Flame Death

i think outflank is the best addition to the game. my sentinels are now feared, as are my kroot in my tau army. its amazing. I absolutly love surprising my opponents with heavy flamers on their flank, and if it gets to the point that they decide to bunch their men in the middle of the board to avoid such encounters, than all the better.

usually when i play games involving objectives i make sure there is an objective 12" away from either board edge to guarantee my outflankers something to do, or i keep my troops close to the edges so that if they get in trouble than i know i'll have some back up on its way.
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