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i may start IG
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Default i may start IG

if i were to start an IG army would buying 2 boxes of cadians 2 hq's and a character be enough to start playing? if not what else should i get. also can i avoid buying an hq set for each platoon if i use like a commisar or a character for them?
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Default Re: i may start IG

good choice. yes that is enough, as for charactars, stick with jr officers, they are the same either way. your best is with a battle chest though cause you more for less
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Default Re: i may start IG

Well, you can get a command platoon for about 18 (two blisters of Guardsmen plus Officer) or you can convert some plastic Guardsmen to become your command platoon troopers.

But probably the cheapest way in terms of money is to buy a Scout squad, and make all the models Veterans with carapace armour, bolt pistol and close combat weapons... Buts it your choice at the end of the day.
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