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Starting Imperial Guard
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Starting Imperial Guard

Hello im going to start Imperial Guard and i dont no what to buy i need some ideas any suggestion thanks in advanced
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Default Re: Starting Imperial Guard

Do you have a codex? That would be the first thing to get. And second is what type of army do you want? Like a gun-line, mechanised, drop troops, etc. (the list goes on and on with Guard :).

And here is a good unit-by-unit and opponant-by-opponant thread for pretty much the baisics for now:


And also a quick search would help you too. There are plenty of other threads out there like this one.

-By Timjim
Originally Posted by Lord-General Thunder
If you want durability, you play Space Marines. If you want strength, you play Tyranids.

If you want to dump firepower into your enemy until not even dental records will be enough to identify them, you play Imperial Guard.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Starting Imperial Guard

thanks mate i will be buying a codex soon and might go with gunline
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Default Re: Starting Imperial Guard

Do note if you go Gunline; your opponent might exploit your static nature to wait out until the 4th turn then run for the objectives. Unless you bring a Basilisk (Just one, 2 is too many) and/or 1 or 2 Mortar Support Squad to flush them out. In the 5th Edition, forget about static. It's all about going out to capture the objectives.

Luck favors the bold. What you can't beat with quality, you beat with sheer numbers! As well as bringing out enough distractions to draw your opponents attention for a few turns; Leman Russ Demolishers, Outflanking units such as Hardened Veterans, Storm Troopers or Light Infantry Squads, Rough Riders, Chimera Transport, Drop Troops etc.

As an Imperial Guard, get your theme. Are you going for the modern army like the US army of today? Or rather the conscript cannon fodder of the Soviet Russia. Or do you like watching "Band of Brothers" and want to see hundreds of Guardsmen falling from the sky? This is the Imperial Guard; from across a million worlds, millions upon millions of Guardsmen fight for the Imperium of Mankind. They're the true defender of Mankind. Everyday thousands of Guardsmen die so that the Imperium may live another day.

So, Guardsmen! What do you want your army? And before I forget, welcome to the Imperial Guard!
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Default Re: Starting Imperial Guard


Care to add anything more? And please, use the search function. Such generic questions have been asked a lot. You can probably find inspiration from them. If you'd like me to provide links, I'll be happy to. -AC
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