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Deployment woes...
Old 28 Aug 2008, 21:40   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Deployment woes...

Wow, I've got quite a bit of my guard built, and even though they're not all painted I wanted to play a larger game. We decided on around 2000 points my guard vs. some space marines. I played with the figures I currently own, and my friend let me borrow two russes and a chimera.

Anyway, I believe I had about 100 guardsmen, give or take, not counting the vehicles and some special weapons squads/fire support squads.

I found deployment to be a huge headache with the amount of terrain, units, and models to plop down. I had trouble working my fire lanes, as any advance would have provided my enemy with a 4+ cover save due to my units being in the way. I found that after pondering my predicament for a few minutes I just ended up placing the majority of my mobile units on the left flank, and a huge throng of units in the mid part of the table. My right flank was anchored by some terrain and some other infantry.

Anyway, long story short, I didn't really move any of my infantry units, instead waiting as the SMs advanced. I would have liked to have advanced, but then my las cannons/heavy bolters wouldn't have had a clear shot. My mobile units moved up the flank... and were only able to advance a short distance because of his devastator squad + assault squad that basically fried the tanks, and then mopped up the survivors. My fire base, IE all of my static gun squads, waited patiently on my enemies objective (playing capture and control). He advanced, but since my flank had been rolled up, he was basically able to pincher move me and get his terminators, assault squads, etc into contention with the objective by the end of the game. Oh yeah he had a whirlwind, which I choose to name Ye Olde Meatgrinder, cause it did so much damage to my guys.


Okay I had a blast,just started playing again. How can I alleviate the lack of mobility that my army creates? I mean, SIGAFH isn't a real tactic... it's a necessity! I had to sit back and wait. I'd much rather have a more fluid army, but the number of models prohibited effective deployment.

Final highlight of the game? My commisar and the remaining trooper of a platoon command squad killed three assault marines. It was the only thing I had bragging rights over, seeing as that same assault squad chewed through about 20 infantry, 1 command squad, a chimera, and probably other stuff!
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Default Re: Deployment woes...

We'll more armord fist squads do wonders for mobilty. not a cheap method tho.
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Default Re: Deployment woes...

Originally Posted by Fingon
We'll more armord fist squads do wonders for mobilty. not a cheap method tho.

Bottom line, bud, your army's mobility is determined by its composition. If you're going to put a billion guardsmen on the table and arm every squad with a heavy weapon, expect to spend the duration of the game in your deployment zone because it won't be worth your while moving.

Special weapons are typically short ranged though, so if you really want some movement in your army, leave the lascannons at home.

Rough riders, Ogryns, special weapon squads, mounted hardened veterans, Deep Striking Storm Troopers, outflanking Sentinels and (to a lesser extent) Demolishers are all units that can encourage you to play a more fluid game. The simple truth is that all units from Codex: Imperial Guard are perfectly mobile in their own right, its just that their optimum application dictates that some are best off staying put. If you want to play a different kind of game, pick units and weapons that require you to take the battle to the enemy.
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Default Re: Deployment woes...

I'm going to have to agree with Tom.

I had this problem with my last match, and I had a squad dedicated to mobility. It was an Armored fist squad with a flamer, and a Chimera with 2 heavy flamers. It was designed to get up close, take out the griblies, and then sit on the objective.

My one problem is that I had to take a VERY roundabout way to get it to the objective, and I was 1 turn short from getting to it.
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Default Re: Deployment woes...

Luck favors the bold as said by some guy that made an article I've read just awhile ago. The Imperial Guard are a very Infantry-based army. No Shtlk :P Now, thing is you probably got plenty of bodies to survive anything that can be thrown at you by a MEQ army e.g. Space Marines.

OK, first off; have 2 elements in your army; one Firebase element and the other Mobile element. Split your points equally between these 2 elements.; both are important. Or you can even have the entire army to be the Mobile element. Whichever gives you the better cookie :P

Firebase element
Command Squads; equip them with Vox-Caster (or even a Master Vox), Standard Bearer and finally either a JO with Honorifica Imperialis or Heroic Senior Officer. This will be your anchor holding down your other Firebase elements by making sure they pass their Morale Checks etc. Also, hide them. Their only purpose to keep the Guard at their position.

Heavy Weapons Support Squad; this is may or mat not recommended by some so I'll advise that you take it if you feel they're worth it. This guys can dish out more firepower than regular Infantry Squads but at the price of meat shields. But I think your opponent will worry more about the Mobile Element coming for the objectives

Hardened Veterans
; probably one of the best Elite Choices but hey! Everyone have their preferences. This guy can infiltrate meaning you can put them in a better position meaning a better firing lane and better cover. Use them! And due to their BS4, I always put Lascannon with them but that's just me :P

Ratlings; Ya, T2 but think about it. Most weapons hit Guard on 2's anyway so why not? But they get +1 to cover save and opted to be pinned instead. Snipers have been improved in the 5th Edition by having Rending and Pinning. Use this to pinned enemy units that are in the way or threatening your Mobile element.

Infantry Platoon; This is main body of any Guard army. No but's or if's. They will take up most of the points which is normally the case. Have a full Platoon of these guys. Nothing is more threatening than 50 Guardsmen hold up in one area > And since you probably you won't be advancing out nor within 24" of any enemy unit. Just give them a Heavy Weapons and a Vox-Caster.

Leman Russ Battle Tank
; This piece of fine hardware have 72" range on its battlecannon. Able to reach anywhere on the board if it's a 4 by 6 of course :P Nice strength and AP; use this for Anti-MEQ or Anti-Horde. Don't be hunting tanks unless you have nothing else to shoot at. Stick them in cover and make sure its backside its covered because most likely, you're going to encounter a unit that will either outflank or deep-strike to come to put a hurtin' on your tank so be careful. As a rule of thumb, have at least 2 tanks on the board.

Basilisks; have only one Basilisk in your army. 2 is way too many and it takes more than its necessary FoC for what it does. Use this to flush out units in hiding. Make them come out so they'll be in LoS of your other guns or just keep pounding them untill they're dead. Also, watch out for outflankers and deep-strikers.

Mobile Element; now, this come in 3 flavors: foot-slogging, mechanized and drop troops.
Command Squad; Again, this is your Anchor for your advancing Infantrymen. But this time I think you can forgo the Vox-Caster. Hide them amongst the troops so they'll be protected and they will have maximum 12" coverage. Get Iron Discipline. It's a must. Can't have your men running off the board while you're so close to victory. And a Commissar ain't half bad either making double sure that your men stays in formation. So, that's a Heroic Senior Officer with Iron Discipline, a Standard Bearer, and a Commissar. Now, your men will stay and fight even a Daemon Prince or a Dreadnought :P You can also have them deep-strike so you can wreak havoc amongst your enemy's units. Armed with Plasma Guns for the Guardsmen and Plasma Pistol for the Officer. This will take out MEQs and also vehicles; depending on the situation of course.

Special Weapons Support Squad
; now, this guys are way too fragile to be foot-slogging it. Your opponent will surely concentrate fore on these guys if you do. Best thing to do is; deep-strike them. Again, amongst your opponent's position and the rear of vehicles. Next best thing; give them a Chimera for them to ride in but make sure you're borrowing one from the Firebase element or a unit that doesn't really need it AND having another or more Chimeras advancing with it. Make your opponent split his fire between them.

Storm Troopers; Now, this guys can do many things but I'll summed it up. Since they're not scoring, use this guys to disrupt your opponent by outflanking or deep-striking. Draw his attention away from the main mobile elements. Use outflank or deep-strike to get to their hidden units and blow the Shtlk out of them. Their Carapace Armor will protect them from most basic weapons. If you're not using them for infiltrating or deep-striking, use as them as Panzer Grenadiers a.k.a. Mechanized Grenadiers. Take the Grenadier Doctrine so you can use them as Troop choice thus scoring. Drive towards your objective, disembark and hold down the fort using your Chimera as cover and heavy weapons platform.

Hardened Veterans; too valuable of a destructive asset to be with the main Mobile Element, use them to either deep-strike, outflank or ride it out in Chimera to go forward and dish out whatever pain you can concoct with them.

Infantry Platoon
; Again, have a full platoon of them. Leg them good and proper to the objectives while also protect each other by having each other block LoS from shots being fired at them. Leave the Heavy Weapons at home, they'll be doing some serious running. Just bring along Flamers, Grenade Launchers, Plasma Guns or Meltaguns. Have them surround the Command Squad; they are your main anchor!

Conscript Infantry Platoon; These guys are dirt cheap. REALLY DIRT CHEAP. Same story with the Infantry Squad. Run for the objective. Have an Independent Commissar running with them for additional anchorage along with the Command Squad running with them if you have one with them of course. Get Close Order Drill. If you encounter resistance, formed up and fixed your bayonets. Charge them. 50 Conscripts and a Commissar with a Power Fist can take down even a Daemon Prince

Hellhound; This is one of your line-breaker units. If you have already enemy units on the objectives and in cover, use the Hellhound to burn them. Use this especially with Horde armies

Rough Riders; Also one of your line-breaker units. Good against MEQs or even TEQs that are in the way. Make sure you're the one to charge and assault first. Your main weaponry; the Hunting Lance will have its maximum effect when your charge and assault first. Hide them behind the Infantry Squads or Conscript Infantry Platoon then when you see that the opposing unit is in charging range, move 6" then run(1" - 6") then assault 12"!

Sentinel Squadrons; Mobile weapons platform but kinda fragile if you ask me but they get the job done. You can have them equipped with a Heavy Flamer and deep-strike amongst your enemy's infantry units and burn them to a crisps! Or harry your opponent's flank with multi-laser or autocannon fire. And if the units are Strength 3, no greandes and have no Power Fists, charge them. Tie them up so they won't be a nuisance.

Leman Russ Demolishers; The Ultimate Line-Breaker unit. Second only to the Baneblade. The scariest thing your opponent will face. Second only to the Baneblade as well. Strength 10 AP 2 will kill most opponents. Good against Horde, MEQs and TEQs as well as T5 multi-wounded souped-up HQs :P Due to it's short range, have it advance along with other tanks if possible or at least some infantry to cover its D'yi :P


Well, that's my opinion anyway. Tom is right. It really depends on your army composition. Imperial Guard may not be the fastest army but we certainly come in droves and in the buckets :P Hope this helps.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Deployment woes...

Nice stuff all, thanks for the great post Zenny.

I'm not a fan of doctrines. Some of them are neat, and some are great for fluff, but I want to be able to build and play a generic guard army with no doctrines (especially because of the rumored codex next year).

I like the idea of having a fully mobile, "foot slogging" infantry platoon to charge forwards. Maybe I'll try that next game, send forth a wave from either flank. I would very much like some stormtrooper/chimeras to add mobility, but alas I don't have any of the models. They will come after I add a russ, and a demolisher, so they are an option as well.

I did play another two games over the last couple of days! I'm getting a little better at deploying/moving, even though I lost both games (to a tau player). It all takes practice, and I need to expand out to some of the great pointers you all have given me.

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Default Re: Deployment woes...

Remember; what we lack in individual strength, we make up for it in strength in numbers! Your opponent can't concentrate on your main advance if there's a couple of gitz deep-striking here and there, infiltrators flanking their lines etc If you're going for armored advance, then may I suggest the Hellhound and of course, the Leman Russ Demolisher Have at least 3 tanks
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Default Re: Deployment woes...

What i like to do is buy my platoon commanders chimeras. Keep the commander cheap and mixed in with the rest, so 1 flamer and a powersword, nothing threatening. Sit around with the rest of your infantry using the chimera as a fire base(2 hevay weapons after all)Then when the battle is drawing to a close mount them all up and rush the board trying to claim anything you can.
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Default Re: Deployment woes...

If im up against hoards I usually back up into one corner with my heavy weapons at the front or set up a upside down v position in a heavy urban enviorment hugging cover, dont worry though, to this day I still have trouble deploying my catachans and deplyoments could really mess up a guard platoon or 2 so evaluate who your facing, marines, orks, etc. Then decide which tactic against who would be best, I like to set up in cover with marines and such and spread the troops out so the ordanace and flamers dont cause as much damage, and like I said before, if you facing hoard dont allow your self to be flanked which if you have armor could be quite easy as the tend to hold down flanks very well if the enemy is packing to much AT.
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