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Mech Guard
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Default Mech Guard

I've always wanted to do a fully mechanized guard army, modeled after today's mechanized units (where a tank company and a mechanized infantry company commonly cross-attach a platoon each). With the new vehicle damage tables in 5th edition, I think the time has come.

I'm looking at:

*HQ Command Squad with chimera

*Two platoons, each with three line squads and four chimeras.

*Three stock russes

That's a total of 75 troops, 9 chimeras, and 3 tanks, in the 1750-1850 point range.

Obviously, I'd be going with "mechanized," but what other skills'n'drills should I consider? What turret and hull weapons should I use on my chimeras? I'm already committed to four of them having heavy bolters and multilasers, as I'm sitting on four models. Should I mount three heavy bolters or one lascannon on each tank? I'm not going to mix the two. Should I go with heavy weapons or special weapons for my line squads? Which ones? I'm sure I can't afford both at 1750, and not sure I want to, in any case. I'm leaning towards autocannons for one platoon and flamers for the other. One supports by fire, the other maneuvers. I'm thinking meltas for at least the platoon command squads, if not the HQ one. Should I bother upgrading the boss to HSO?
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Default Re: Mech Guard

The heavy bolter/multilaser combo is a pretty good one. 2x heavy bolter is also a nice choice and if you have IA access, an autocannon turret is a VERY nice option. Russ armaments: I'd go with just the hull lascannon. 5th edition has made the mobile firepower of a 3xHB tank largely useless. The lascannon can still be fired on the move in the event you lose your maingun.

The weapons in your infantry squad are a bit trickier. I would stick to meltas, plasmas and lascannons. If you can't get the autocannon chims, a couple autocannon squads would be a good choice. your infantry are going to be carrying your AT weapons because with all those chimeras, you'll have plenty of infantry killing ability. 3-4 meltas in a command squad would be good to use a surprise assault on a tank you get close to.
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Default Re: Mech Guard

Jordan has done a good job answer your other questions, so I'll try to provide some insight on whether or not you should upgrade to a heroic senior officer.

What your saying, is that you'd like to provide leadership to your squads which will be further away from your command squad then in a normal game.

Items or upgrades that increase an officers leadership bubble doesn't really help here, because Chimera's and their men will be zipping all over the place, so you have two options.

The first is to give your Headquarters Command Squad a Master Vox Caster, and give every squad a Vox Caster, and use the HSO's leadership.

The other option would to upgrade every squad with a veteran sergeant. Using his (the sergeant's) leadership for every test. Because you upgraded to a veteran sergeant, there's really no point in upgrading to a HSO in your main command squad.

Both options are pretty fluffy too. I've never been in the armed forces, but I'm pretty sure units always want to stay in contact with their headquarters. On the otherhand, the veteran sergeants could also portray each squad as an elite, veteran unit infiltrating the enemy lines with the help of a transport. Sort of like how the Navy Seals use small watercraft to deploy.

Well, the choice is yours as the army is yours. If I were in your shoes, I'd pick the cheapest option unless fluff is really important to you.


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Default Re: Mech Guard

Thanks for the input. I'll definitely stick to the hull lascannon. I am pretty tempted by the turret autocannon, but I'll stick with multilasers for tourney compatibility. I do actually go to about one big one a year, as well as a few locals. That being the case, I'll look at four dismounted autocannons, then. For the other two line squads, I guess I'll go with plasma guns, and probably two comand squads with 3 meltas each, as well as one with three flamers. I'm also thinking of going with veteran sergeants for the two plasma gun squads...veteran sergeants with stormbolters, that is.


I guess I'm leaning towards veteran sergeants..but only for the two plasma squads, the others either keep the enemy at arm's length, or use their chimeras to reposition. My fluff would actually call for both the vox network and the veterans (not to mention priests in all three command squads), but from a points perspective, that's...pointless. So I guess the platoon leaders will be lieutenants and the commander a captain (both JOs). Oh, and in point of fact, it's the higher headquarters wanting to stay in touch with the units, not the other way around. Nosy, meddling, micromanaging bastards!

Anyway, the weapons I've chosen change my tactics a little, I guess. The command squads and two plasma squads (5 total) maneuver under the covering fire of the four autocannon squads. I guess four autocannons, four heavy bolters, four multilasers, and three battle cannons put out a fair volume of fire while the other five transports move...
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