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Whats your Regiment
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Default Whats your Regiment

Hey all.
I thought it would be a good idea to get the all the regiments along with background, combat doctrine, notable members and the like.

Might as well start with mine. I play the Pavonian 707th. they are a gritty siege regiment, rivaled only by the necrons they constantly fight in their relentless advance. after two hundred years of war still they fight to reclaim their planet from the necrons. They are detached and nearly emotionless, even out of battle. the have an odd way of mourning their dead. for every guardsmen lost they will fire a blessed earth-shaker shell towards the enemy. Each shell bears the name, rank and life story of each guardsmen. when a senior officer dies and entire orbital barrage is conducted during the funeral and ends only as the body is launched with the final volley so that even in death he may slay more of the Emperors enemies.

As mentioned before the standard combat doctrine is a slow and steady advance with proceeding Basilisk bombardment to soften up even the toughest of enemies. They employ carapace armor at the behest of the latest General-Millitant. For the first time in its history the 707th is lead by a man who cares more about the man on the front lines than the more expensive tanks and artillery, even sacrificing a Baneblade to save most of a regiment.

As also mentioned the latest General-Millitant was a conscript at the regiments founding two hundred years ago. most of his body has since been replaced by bionics, even half of his brain, leading to violent flashes. he can shift from a cold and calculating old man to a nearly unrivaled berzerker in seconds. He wields and ancient plasma pistol named sunfury and a power-fist crafted from the severed gauntlet of the Ultramarines veteran sergeant Pasanius who nearly died fighting the Nighbringer. He is General-Millitant Antauis Daine. known as Old Clockwork by his troopers few say it to his face.
His regiment recently demander the right to settle a world. he simply said that when every necron was destroyed they could have the old one back.

Thats my regiment in a nutshell, excluding the tragic history of Old Clockwork and his Advisors. Now what about yours?
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Default Re: Whats your Regiment

Sweet, that's a nice story.

Here goes with mine:

The 76th Moracre Light Armoured Guard. Originally from Moracre, they were an elite city based regiment whose main duty was to resolved problems and incident quickly as well as providing a final line of defence if the city perimeter was breached. Based around mobility, each troop were mounted in a chimera and they were usally flanked by sentinel. Unfortunately this meant sacrificing heavy support...they didn't want to destroy their own city...so carapace armour was heavily used.

Several years back, Moracre sided with the Tau Empire, which brought in the Imperium to repress this rebellion, the 76th and a few other left their homeworld to fight along side the Tau. Their quick, mobile, urban fighting style complemented well their tau ally own hybrid fighting style. Together they fought against several enemy...mostly some Tyranid and orcs, but during the 3rd Expension...and the Damocles Crusade, they also saw action against their own kind.

During these actions, lieutenant Grassen proved himself many time, including saving the life of his Tau commander, and gain great renown amoungst his men and the Tau he fought alongside.

Here you are, a more complete story can be found in the Creation thread.
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Default Re: Whats your Regiment

The 133'rd Catachan War Pigs is set up for deep infiltration behind enemy lines and to conduct ambushes. Because of the low manpower, left over in the 133’rd after the regiment got split in half by a mutinous incident, they were combined with 2 underpowered Cadian regiments. The difference in fighting styles is clear between the Cadians and the Catachans. Where the Catachans get close to the enemy by sneaking behind them or ambushing them the Cadians have use more traditional IG tactics (the ol’ sit and shoot plan). The Cadians also provide the tanks. Platoons have a clear difference and mostly consist of one of the two Cadian regiments or a Catachan platoon. The command structure is more mixed, with both Catachan and Cadian officers working together to form a unified plan of battle.

The whole regiment falls under the name "Catachan 133’rd" because the officer that suggested them being united under a Cadian name had to eat dinner through a straw for a week. So, all tanks have been redesignated as “Catachan” even though they are crewed mostly by Cadians (with some Catachans trained to replace lost crew members).

Doctrines I use:

-Drop Troops (represent the Catachans getting behind enemy lines and setting up ambushes, also to get my heavy flamer Sentinels 1” from enemy for max carnage)
-Veterans (veteran squads make awesome squads to hit stuff behind enemy lines with their special weapons and accuracy)
-Rough Riders (that is why they call the Catachan 133’rd the War Pigs, because they use huge jungle boars as mounts and hunting lances to hunt the enemy down)
-Sharp Shooters (for the Cadian heavy weapon teams, they are highly trained with the weapons they have)
-Iron Discipline (Catachan Officers don’t let their men run away, it’s better to stand snd die then to show weakness)
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Default Re: Whats your Regiment

7th Avaricum Infantry Regiment.

Doctrines: Storm Trooper Squads, Iron Discipline, Sharpshooters,
Hardened Fighters, Carapace Armor

Storm Trooper Squads are in fact, Kasrkins. After fighting alongside the Cadians during various black crusades, Avarican commanders brought the idea of specialized elite units like the kasrkins back to Avaricum, along with Cadian uniform styles, which permeate the Avaricum PDF today.

The Iron Discipline doctrine reflects the extensive training Avarican officers recieve at the Auroran military academy located on Avaricum.

The Sharpshooters doctrine represents the fact that Avaricans begin their military training at the age of six, but are not eligible for the Imperial Guard until the age of 18. Thats twelve years worth of target practice.

The Hardened Fighters doctrine reflects the focus on hand to hand combat in Avarican training, which is considered to be preferable when faced with an evenly matched enemy, as it is the more honorable way of fighting. This tradition of promoting hand to hand combat is often attributed to the fact that the Blood Angels liberated Avaricum during the great crusade.

The Carapace Armor doctrine ensures that the killing machines produced by the Avaricum PDF don't die at the rate that Cadians do.
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Default Re: Whats your Regiment

45th Conquistadors

Environment: They have a world situated close to Cadia, but it is so small it isn't dislpayed on maps. It is called Etheria. It is an urban city, surrounded by a thick forest. this is ideal and the Conquistadors recieve little visitors as the forest prodvides perfect cover of the city. There is always a thick grey cloud covering it so it cannot be seen from above.

Commander: Smith V.V. Feõl is the commander of the 45th Conquistadors.

Doctrines: 'Caballero' Stormtroopers, Hardened Veterans, Sentinels.

Caballero Stomrtroopers: These men are warriors who fought along side many of the bravest soldiers in the Imperium's history. after having fought in wars, these hardened soldiers will retire and come to Etheria, where they train hard and become well built fighters who take up the hellgun and fight when war is imminent.

Sentinels: The Setinels are respected machines amongst the Conquistadors. They represent their speed and agility, plus their heavy weaponry. There will be from 5 to 9 sentinels in a regiment, ranging from all four patterns.

Hardened Veterans: The Veterans are many in the Conquistadors, as they are mostly made up of warriors who have completed their training but want to continue their life in peace, still remembering the art of fighting. In the Conquistadors regiments, there are many units and squads of veterans, who take up the speciality of the 'Heavy Stubber Portable'*. They also travel in light Chimera transport to ensure quick and agile placement in the midst of battle.

*Gun may be used when not in the Chimera. The Chimera counts as an open topped vehicle but nobody can shoot when mounted inside. Once outside, the heavy stubber may be used. Cannot move and shoot. If using the Infiltrators rule, guardsman counts as having a lasgun.

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Default Re: Whats your Regiment

Regiment: 505th Liberatus
Job description: -Free planets
-Die for emperor
Commander: Alius Black
Company 1: Ground company
Commander: Henry Scot
Company 2: Dragoon company
Commander: Andrew Wigum: AKA Ender
Description: This regiment is a highly organised regiment who are well ordered and obey all orders. They are a well disciplined army who fight well in unison to win a battle, and they know when to withdraw.
Company 1 description: This company led by Henry Scot is the backbone of the army this consists of the majority of the army which holds the positions taken by commpany and fights the war of atrition.
Company 2 description: This company led by Andrew Wigum (copy right writer of Enders game) consists of the best of the best. These men take locations which apear impossible to take. They are the knife of the army stabbing at the enemies heart in one sweep. The company is renown for its swift atacks and fluidity in battle.
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Default Re: Whats your Regiment

Oh my... I don't necessarily play a single regiment... I play more a collection of regiments which are part of the 34th Praetorian Expeditionary force...

The 34th Praetorian Expeditionary force comprises around five thousand men, from 19 regiments.
There are four infantry regiments, the 64th, 109th, 171st, and 482nd
Two Mechanised infantry regiments, the 345th and the 143rd/607th
Two Cavalry regiments, the 17th Lancers and the 13th Dragoons
Two armoured regiments, the 12th and the 83rd
Four artillery regiments, the 22nd, 168th and 215th all being field artillery, the 49th being larger siege guns (earthshakers and griffons)
One company of MPs
Two Imperial Navy fighter squadrons have been semi permanently assigned to the 34th
And five logistics units tasked with suppling the frontline forces.

The 34th Praetorian Imperial Guard Expeditionary force, more commonly known as the 34th PIGEF, or 34th PEF, is commanded by Sir George Hawkins, a major general of the Praetorian Imperial guard and a former commander of the 17th Lancers. The 34th was sent to the Malthieser system as part of an Imperial crusade to reclaim the system from the influence of the xeno Eldar. The 34th have served with distinction, though many of their fellow comrades in this war view both their elaborate uniforms, strict obedience to commands and their system of total separation of different elements as a rather archaic way to fight none can question their bravery on the battlefield.

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Default Re: Whats your Regiment

Heres mine!!

One Royal Bearn.

This is the first founding regiment from the Planet Bearn.
They recruit only from the best, Putting the troopers to the hardest tests outside of Space Marine training.

At one point they are made to survive a week on the barren Mud flats which occupy the majority of the planet. This Training leads them to Learn how to take cover where there is none to be had (Hense Cameoline Doctrine). However, this training is an Expensive procedure. The regiment is issued with Carapace armour, in an attempt to keep the rank and file troopers allive that little bit longer.

The regiment (Often called the 'The Richies' Deriving from the idea that the all the troopers own huge amounts of wealth and fight as a hobby) has close ties with the Elite Operations section The Mud Flat Commandoes. Many troopers from One Royal Bearn will move onto the Commandoes after a few years of service to furthur their experiances and earn extra badges of power. The Commandoes asso train most of the officers for the other Bearn Regiments.

The Colonel and his command team all passed the Commandoes course with flying colours, after surviviing a full hallf year alone on the flats, they were instantly prom,oted a rank and held in great respect by all else. This legend has allowed General Davian to rise to th lofty height of Colonel of the One Royal Bearn Regiment.

While they are not seen very far from their home system very much, they are contantly fighting the great war against chaos as many Chaos war bands fall upon the sector.
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Default Re: Whats your Regiment

sounds cool. I look forward to reading it.
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Default Re: Whats your Regiment

Its cool, but this thread is for an overview of fluff, not stories. Her we are suposed to say how aour regiment fights and stuff, not 'first hand' acounts
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