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Want to Start Imperial Guard....Any Ideas?
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Default Re: Want to Start Imperial Guard....Any Ideas?

I just want to point out that I wasn't suggesting making a Human Auxilliary army at all. The models need bear no relation to Tau whatsoever - They don't need a Tau parts nor weapons. What I was suggesting was a loyalist IG army from a world that has perhaps been seperated from the ruling caste of the Adeptus Mechanicus (warp storm perhaps?) and has thus been freed to develop technologies as they see fit.

When I say use IG models to represent a Tau army, I mean in terms of rules only. For instance, a suitably modified drop Sentinel could merrily perform the same way as a Crisis Battlesuit on the tabletop. Using another codex for the rules alone is a means of representing a sophisticated and technologically advanced Imperial Guard army. It just requires you to shake loose the rigid mindset that codices are inextricably tied to races they represent. At the end of the day, they're just rule sets with words like 'Broadside' and 'Markerlight' attached to them. There's no reason 'Markerlight' can't be swapped out in fluff for 'Laser designator' and retain the same rules. So long as it is clear enough to you opponent, then it should make for a great army.
Originally Posted by Colonel_Sanders
When all was finished, the battlefield was a smoking crater. UDC, Valoran, US Army, Tau, the Nazis, a random pirate ship, and a bunch of ninjas, all were enemies to the Vulture. All were turned into scrap metal. Or plastic. Depends which game system you play.
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