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Why did you choose Guard?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Why did you choose Guard?

A very simple reason, I love tanks. ;D
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Default Re: Why did you choose Guard?

I haven't started my Imperial Guards yet because I need to finish my Tau...whichi s the reason why my second army is IG, I plan to build a SWAT-like Gue'vesa force to accompany them (well fluff wise at least).
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Default Re: Why did you choose Guard?

unlimited conversion, army composition and painting possibilities. that is IG.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Why did you choose Guard?

I started IG for a number of reasons.

Mainly because each and every guardsman is, in my eyes, a hero. A bigger hero than the Space Marines, at any rate. The guard are just normal humans with normal weapons. No Power Armour, or anything like that, just flesh, blood, and a little bit of Flak Armour.

Also, there are a number of regiments that I absolutely love the fluff for, in particular the Cadian 8th and the Tanith First and Only. I'm going with Cadia because I really like the models, also.

That, and I got a Baneblade for Christmas, so I figured "well, I've always wanted a Guard army, so why not build from this?"
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Default Re: Why did you choose Guard?

I'm not really sure why I chose the Imperial Guard. I suppose I just loved the image of a large formation of infantry opening fire as tanks drive up to support.

Some nice reasons here.
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Default Re: Why did you choose Guard?

I started because to be quite frank, i got bored of my Tua and Marines. I'd played them to the teeth, i had about 2000pts of both and was just bored. At one point i really wanted one with lots of troops. I considered doing a Jet Bike Eldar list, a Necron Warrior list. Then i played on CoD4 and fell in love with the way humans fight. I saw the document "Ross Kemp in Afganistan" and loved the way the guys were bonded to each other in brother hood. I thought, it has to be!!.

The next day, i bought 2 of the battle forces and set to work!!
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Default Re: Why did you choose Guard?

Originally Posted by Malbur
... I chose Guard because i figured out I could paint more models with a guard box than any other army... Yeah, I got into the hobby because I liked painting models *sigh*
So did I. I mean, I got into the hobby cause I liked painting models.

Now, I got into guard because my dad was suppose to play with me and his army was guard but he never did (he just wanted the leman russ. :funny So, since my first army is Tau, I figured I'd have my second army be IG w/ Gue'vesa or something like that. I like how you can customize it.

Althought, that sometimes shoots me in the foot. So customizable, I don't know what to do. D:
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Default Re: Why did you choose Guard?

I got into guard because I was sick of the marine fluff and had finished my tau collection. I had always heard guard jokes and had laughed with my friends at them. then i picked up a few guard book and it just clicked. These were the real hero's of the imperium. I mean every marine is known and venerated in there chapter so in a way the will never be forgoten. but what of the billions of guardsmen fighting for there home and loved ones who no one will remember? that is true currage. Though I do have a confession to make.

My main source of fluff and background material is a space marine book. Nightbringer. the main reason i chose this is because my best friend plays necrons and I wanted a logical reason to hate him. but after the first few games I fell in love with me regiment, they ceased to be just a bunch of models, every squad had a personality, the whole thing had a new play style.
I love them so much I am currently working on a novel for them.

And now that I play guard I have a great time at my local store making everyone eat there words. Nothing gives you the warm fuzzys like getting an annihilated result on a Land Raider with five terminaters and Marnius Calgar inside. Or when Dante cuts down my beloved commander to be rushed and crushed by Fifty guardsmen hellbent on revenge. Ah its good to be a guardsmen.
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Default Re: Why did you choose Guard?

I started gaurd because I love the idea of nromal men in huge numbers being the first line of defence for the imperium. Some You tube gaurd videos kindof persuaded me as well along with their army structure. Ohh and one thing else "Blitzkrieg" with the gaurd ;D
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Why did you choose Guard?

I red the gaunt's gohsts books. ;D
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