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Default Techpriests

So first off I've been wondering, what color of red is best used for the techpriests or in other words what color do you use. Normally i wouldn't care but i am doing a Skitarii themed army so it is more important. Also it says in the codex that tech servitators can also help to repair battlefield equipment unlike the other servitators does that add extra +2 on the 6+ roll for repair or does it mean nothing.
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Default Re: Techpriests

It's a +1 bonus. This information can be found in the Techpriest's unit entry.
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Default Re: Techpriests

I for one like a darker Red. I went Chaos Black, two thin coats of Scab Red, a coat of Red Gore except in the recesses, and then a very fine highlight of Blood Red. Almost everything else was just a drybrush of Boltgun over Black, with Mithril highlighting.

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