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Jungle Guard Help!
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Default Jungle Guard Help!

I’ve just started a Guard Army (Jungle Cadians!), I’m more of a modeller/converter than a gamer, and don’t mind losing if I have a really well presented and themed army though I do want it to be competitive aswell though…

However I like too many things guard wise and cant decided on army list, fluff, doctrines etc…! Here’s where I need the help of more experience guard players or those really clever thinking people. (I do have the codex)

Now I like the Jungle Theme (sort of guerrilla tactics & Anti-Guerrilla Warfare), Doctrines wise I can’t make up my mind (I’m thinking Ogryns, Rough Riders, Harden Vets + some unknowns – any recommendations maybe chameleoline), I prefer Veterans over Storm troopers for Jungle (so first restriction is no storm trooper squads) plus I think a veterans always look good in a jungle army, Ogryns have to be included, there in the Catachan codex under troops so there in! (plus my mate is converting me up 3 Warhammer ogres and there looking pretty good at the moment), Rough Riders (used for Scouting) I’ve always loved, plus I think they suit guerrilla tactics – especially with those lances + add a special, But this is my problem there is to many things I like and I can’t theme the army well and I can’t decide on restrictions!

I’m trying to build up a list and this is where I need help… but I would like input on what’s needed or missing - thoughts so far are: (I haven’t including add upgrades yet just the basics)

Command HQ
Officer – Power Fist / Bolter
Commissar – Bolt Pistol / Power Weapon
Guardsmen (4) - 1 Vox w/ Lasgun, 2 Flamers & Vet Medic with Bolter.

Ogryns (3) – Bone ‘Ead.

Veteran Squad (Jack of All Trades)
Vet Serge – Ripper Pistol (Count as Bolt) / Power Fist
Veterans (6) – 4 Shotguns, 2 Plasma guns, Melta Bombs. (Can’t remember if they can have melta bombs or not – but I have some conversions in mind)



Platoon Command
Officer – Power Weapon / Bolter
4 Guardsmen, 1 Vox w/ Lasgun, 1 Plasma gun, 1 Heavy Bolter Team.

2 x 10 Man Squads of:
Vet Serge – Bolter /CCW, 1 Vox, 1 Auto Cannon Team, 1 Flamer.

Armoured Fist Squad

Vet Serge – Bolter /CCW, 1 Vox, 1 Flamer.
Chimera Transport with Hull Mounted Heavy Bolter and Turret Heavy Flamer, Camo netting

Fast Attack

Rough Riders
Vet Serge – Power Weapon / Plasma Pistol
Riders (4) – 3 Hunting Lances, 1 Meltagun

Autocannon, Camo netting, (possible Hunter Killer Missile)

Heavy Support

Leman Russ
Battle Cannon, Hull Mounted Lascannon. Camo Netting

Maybe a Basilisk to hide in a rear corner.

& Maybe a Vulture with Lascannons & Missiles (for that anti guerrilla warfare)

I have built and painted a few items, these being a Sentinel with Auto Cannon, 5 Rough Riders (1 Vet Serge – Power Weapon & Plasma Pistol, 2 hunting lance & Meltagun – 1 to go) & started a Command HQ with Commissar, Officer with Bolter & Power Fist, Veteran with Bolter (will become medic), Vox with Bolter (that now has to change since getting the codex, whats the deal no veteran Vox or with a shotgun in the Command HQ) and that’s about it so far, however on the way from a forge world supplier I have a Veterans with Shotguns pack & a new Russ Turret (Conqueror Gryphonne IV).

We generally play with a lot of terrain as well on 6x4.

So please help, change things, edit things, throw ideas at me, opinions, doctrine whatever….

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Default Re: Jungle Guard Help!

you dont like catachins do you. ???
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Jungle Guard Help!

No i dont really like the Catchan possible army lists....its guard it deserves tanks! Plus Rough riders and Sentinels that can carry more than a heavy flamer!

Certain models however are mix and match! not standard infantry though.

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Default Re: Jungle Guard Help!

could you post pics of your models when your done. ;D ;D ;D
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Default Re: Jungle Guard Help!

- Veterans
- Jungle Fighter / Light Infantry
- Special Weapons Squad
- Cameleoline

One of the best Elite options if you ask me. Fluffy and practical.

Jungle Fighter / Light Infantry
Thing is about Jungle Fighter that it's better be used when you're playing in Jungle terrain. But with Light Infantry, you're a bit flexible and you can infiltrate anyway.

Also fits the fluff, jungle camouflage, special materials etc Since it sin't enough you shoould get a decent cover save in the jungle, cameleoline will make it even better.......wait, you can't take cameleoline with Jungle Fighters right? :P

Special Weapons Squad
If you're taking Jungle Fighters, you have a lack of good Anti-Tank. Meltaguns and Demo will fix that


Rough Riders
Horses doesn't like dense forest/jungle unless it's a lion or puma of some sort or a giant lizard.

This is player's preference so I wouldn't know what to tell you. But if you ask me, I say 'Get more Vets :P'
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Default Re: Jungle Guard Help!

I agree that horseback Roughriders are a little out of place for the jungle. But if you can get your hands on something like the Fantasy Cold Ones (is that the lizard mount - my WHFB knowledge is limited) that would give you a good lizard mount that might be more suited for a jungle terrain.

Tanks are possible if you so choose. But I wouldn't see them "fluffwise" being much use without some kind of terrain device or a dozer blade to push through the trees, but is most likely not entirely necessary really.
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Default Re: Jungle Guard Help!

i like the idea of lizard mounted men, but i think it would either have to be really big (and then in danger of being an xeno or quite small like a kamodo dragon. And a cold one is not much different in the size in comparison to a horse.

but as for the tanks, have you seen this GW article?

the models them selves are really quite shocking, but the idea and concept is there.
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Default Re: Jungle Guard Help!

Yeah i plan to convert my tanks to suit the jungle lifestyle, also with a bit of jungle patchwork/repairs. i've been looking up jungle tanks on the net such as the Matila's that sore jungle duty, and seeing how they were setup, and equipment carried etc....

I'm going to build my heavy flamer turret similar to the bridge laying tank.

I like the idea of having a special weapons squad perhaps 2 Meltas, 1 Demo, and I noticed Vets can't have Melta bombs, so i would move it to this squad, purely for conversions sake. Would be a nice like Tank/Termies Killing Squad (i'm now thinking kill Team)

I'm aware that horses dont suit the jungle theme, however i had already done the conversions using some warhammer models - empire outriders, the leg armour after a tiny bit of filing is similar to Sergeant Stones (INQ) shoulder armour, also the hunting lances are 40k versions of his glaive so it suits them a little better, plus the torsos fit the legs well, couple of back packs and a meltagun and there done, i've only had to re-do the bases and fatigues since there were originally for my mates army.

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Default Re: Jungle Guard Help!

Ah, so you have come upon the problem of having models that no longer fit into your army eh? Ebay my friend, ebay.

Also, if you are looking for ideas on a jungle fighting army, you need look no further than the Vietnam war. Contrary to popular belief, U.S. Marine who fought in Vietnam did not go to battle shirtless like the Catachans do, but they did become quite skilled in jungle fighting while tangling with the Viet Cong, and came up with some interesting field made equipment.

The Ontos would be a fun conversion.
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Default Re: Jungle Guard Help!

I'll probably keep the Rough Riders and just use them for fun in random games or combat patrols, they actually look good with the models i've painted so far...i'll probably just not use them in the main army.

Funnily enough the 'Ontos' & similar War tanks was one reason i was thinking of a basilisk, i personally dont like the look of the tank (or the Hydra for that matter) but could picture a Basilisk drapped in Camo neeting, No front screen being hidden in corner surround by camoflage.

The Vietnam war is where i get aot of my ideas from for the jungle theme, in fact i've even ordering some 25mm/28mm Vietnam War terrain like towers and fox holes etc... for the table, also probably a command bunker if i can find a good one - and then camo netting banadages everywhere!, and like most guard just generally army stuff, the lasguns are all being converted to look like CA36C & Bolters like MP5's, it just gives them a tougher 'look' in my opinion without having a huge bolter higher than there heads in some cases. Veteran Squad is going to have all SMURF scout legs for that extra equipment, but most standard infantry wont even get a look in except there guns - theres just to many and i get bored painting them.

As soon as i have a squad up i'll put up some pic's, but i have started work on the command squad as mentioned, howver i'm having trouble finding small jungle plants to use on the bases, at the moment its resin forest bases, painted. inked and staic grass flock patches, it does the job but some plants would be good - any ideas to that? or the rest of the army?

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